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Oct 06 2021

Zoning Administrator To Double As Code Enforcement Chief

By Maddie Heid for The Island Connection

At the Sept. 30 Seabrook Island Town Council meeting, Mayor John Gregg was pleased to announce that Tyler Newman has been selected as the zoning administrator and chief code enforcement officer. The Town Administrator has fulfilled the position in the past. But numerous council members felt it needed to be a separate role. Although a new position, Newman’s resume proves he has the skills for the job. “I’m looking forward to sitting down and talk with him over some of the ideas,” councilmember Jeri Finke said. Newman will be responsible for looking over two part-time code enforcers who fill the position yearly. Town members look forward to seeing overlooked problems finally receive some attention. One of these issues includes the coding enforcement around town regulation of short-term rentals. “It’s a real benefit to have Newman join our team, and we all look forward to working with him,” Finke added. 

Newman’s position will officially be in effect starting Nov. 1.

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