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Feb 03 2016

Windows 10 Questions, Comcast’s Unwelcome Visitor

By Bob Hooper for The Island Connection 

Windows 10 has been in the news recently and I wanted to answer some questions about it that have been posed by clients. It’s a big upgrade and will still be free until near the end of July 2016.

The new operating system has some wonderful gimmicks and best of all works a lot like Windows 7, which is a great operating system that came out in 2006(ish). 10 boasts better security than previous versions, and is supposed to run much faster on hardware due out later this and next year. It has updates that come out frequently (which can be good or could mean there are problems with the software) and with the home version you get those updates whether you want them or not.

I still suggest waiting a couple more months to upgrade from 7/8.1 and if you have bought a new laptop/desktop with 10 on it, please read about the privacy considerations that come with 10. This website will give you lots of information:


For those with wireless routers in your home from Comcast, you might have noticed a signal called “xfinitywifi” and wondered if the neighbors have added it or where it came from.

It’s actually coming from your Comcast wireless router and you cannot turn it off. That signal is available to anyone who has a Comcast account, if they have a email address and password they can “log” onto the “xfinitywifi” signal anywhere it is. So if someone has gone to the local coffee shop, which has Comcast, saw the xfinitywifi being broadcast and signed on, then anytime their device comes near that hotspot again it will connect to it automatically.

Your Comcast wireless router has now become a free connection for anyone with a Comcast account and Xfinity can boast it has millions of “hotspots” around the country.

Nice! Except it’s your electricity and router providing one of those hotspots, that by the way, you are paying $10 a month for. Did you know you don’t have to use their router? You can buy your own and disable this “benefit.”

As with all of my columns if you want help or have questions don’t hesitate to call Rent A Bob at 843.822.7794 or email at

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