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May 12 2016

Where Are The Deals?

By Bob Hooper for The Island Connection

If you are searching for a good deal on a laptop and/or desktop computer locally, the only thing you can buy is a Windows 10 operating system with the occasional find of a Windows 8.1 hiding in a back corner. Some are at a pretty good price and with graduation coming up more deals will be out there! For example Office Depot has deals as low as $239 for desktops (no monitor) and $249 for laptops with power packed laptops running around $620, all running 10.

Online services such as Amazon and retailers like Dell and HP have a larger selection of OSs including Windows 7 (my favorite still) and 8.1. Prices vary day to day depending on the inventory and, yes, Dell/HP/Lenovo and other manufacturers are still making brand new, not old stock, laptops and desktops with these OS’s. Prices for 7 run from around $350 for laptop/desktop to $700 plus for top-of-the line monsters that will process that trip to Mars.

Monitors have a wide price range and although sometimes a good deal can be found locally by walking into the shops, your best bet is online. Recently I was shopping for a client and bought a 25″ monitor for under $130. I do a lot of comparison shopping for clients which saves on the total bundle. I’ve found wireless keyboard/mouse combos locally for about what I can find online (Office Depot).

Finally, I want to re-emphasize what I’ve been saying about hackers and the idiots calling/emailing you. If someone tells you by phone or email or if a website pops up and states you laptop/desktop or tablet has been infected it’s a LIE! Don’t fall for it, don’t give them any money and please don’t let “them” into your computer. Please do call your computer pro (or me) and get some real help, not the idiot on the phone. If it’s just a phone call and you did nothing then you most likely have nothing to worry about.

Look forward to some good questions and helping you out. If you need immediate assistance you can always call Rent A Bob at 843.822.779.

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