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Jun 23 2010

What yacht to do

DSC02408by Kristin Hackler

Along with the new ownership of Bohicket Marina and the arrival of Red’s Ice House, new life seems to have been breathed into this once quiet little shopping and docking center. While the restaurant has brought new business to the Marina’s many locally-owned shops, it has also inspired the introduction of something the Marina has been in desperate need of for some time: a proper yacht club.

Spearheaded by the Marina’s new owners as well as Jennifer Haugen of Freedom Boat Club and Dock Master Brian Richardson, the new Bohicket Yacht Club will be a place where families and fishermen can relax, grab a drink, watch the game and enjoy the beauty of Bohicket creek. The Club will feature a bar which will open at 4 p.m. on weekdays and noon on weekends, as well as an outdoor patio area perfect for viewing the spectacular sunsets for which the Marina is famous. Along with Friday night dinners, the Yacht Club will also offer regular events, including cruises to downtown Charleston and Beaufort, oyster roasts, drop-anchors at Botany Bay and reciprocal privileges with other local yacht clubs.

Jennifer Haugen expects the Bohicket Yacht Club to open softly on August 1, and invites anyone interested in membership to contact her at 768-1280. Current and future members of Freedom Boat Club will receive discounted rates on Yacht Club membership.

“The new owners [of Bohicket Marina] have really put forth the effort to bring the Marina back to what it used to be,” said Jennifer. “The new Yacht Club will be a great place to relax, have fun and be a part of the local boating community.”

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