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Dec 12 2017

Walter Czander Exhibits Scenes Of The Lowcountry

By Monique Boissier-Sporn for The Island Connection

Walter Czander

Walter Czander’s passion for art started in high school and was nurtured by his Art Teacher, Margaret Sullivan. After serving in the Air Force, Czander earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked for RCA, Schaefer Brewing Company and, after 35 years, reached the position of Vice President for Lockwood Greene Architectural Engineering Company, planning the design of facilities mainly for the pharmaceutical industry. Upon retiring he went back to his early dream of being an artist, painting a variety of subjects in oil, acrylic and watercolor. Czander’s approach is to study paintings of renowned artists such as Turner, Homer and Manet, and incorporate some of their styles in his paintings of the Lowcountry. Czander is an active member of the Seabrook Island Art Guild.

His paintings create a feeling of depth, drawing in the eyes and mind to the point of creating a mood that is enjoyable to the viewer.

Czander’s paintings can be viewed through December at the Seabrook Island Lake House Gallery.

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