Aug 19 2015

Town Of Kiawah Island Outlines New Payroll System

Staff Report For The Island Connection

Recently, Mayor Lipuma outlined a series of corrective actions to be implemented by the council in response to a forensic accounting review of the Town’s financial operations.

One of those steps called for a new payroll provider that includes additional safeguards and checks and balances for the Town’s payroll system.

On July 15, the Town of Kiawah signed an agreement with ADP to become the Town’s new payroll provider.

This transition will begin immediately and is expected to be complete by the fourth quarter of 2015. The new system will provide officials enhanced security controls over the payroll process and a more reliable platform for timely and accurate payroll processing.

The new system will include additional safeguards that will protect the integrity of the payroll system, including:

1. No employee paid by this system will have unilateral ability to make changes to payroll frequency.

2. Changes to employee compensation will require secure authorization by the Mayor or a designated Council member.

3. The Mayor and a designated council member can verify all actions taken on payroll through secure reports.

4. The ADP system will eliminate outdated manual processes that lead to human error.

Employees within the finance team (the treasurer and both finance clerks) will receive training and support from ADP. Within parameters set by the Town, employees will be able to directly manage their benefits selection as well as retrieve their pay and benefits information.

ADP uses a cloud-based solutions and services to offer its clients services ranging from human resources and payroll to talent management and benefits administration. The company serves more than 625,000 clients in over 100 countries.

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