Jan 04 2019

Todd & Huff Winter Offerings

Staff Report for The Island Connection

Patricia Huff.

Patricia Huff’s classes at Todd & Huff Art Center for the winter quarter will cover learning the different block-ins for oil, pastel, and acrylic paintings.

The beginnings of a painting set you on the right path to your successful painting intentions. Do your paintings look like paint-by-numbers or are you just reproducing your photos? Do you want to utilize a loose approach in your landscapes or do you want to accurately portray a portrait or figure? Learn the different ways to begin your painting to achieve the results you are striving to achieve.

The class will work on block-ins from line drawing, to drawing with your brush, to transparent wash beginnings, alla prima, monochrome value underpaintings, toning a canvas, working wet into wet, or glazing. Each method has advantages and disadvantages depending on the finished look desired.

Huff plans painting time as well as instructional time for her classes. Her teaching style includes hearing, seeing and doing to reinforce her philosophy of giving budding artists a good background and encouraging their own individual style. Short demonstrations and plenty of individual help at your easel are included in her classes.

The block-in class is for intermediate to advanced students and meets on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Huff also teaches a beginning oil class which includes drawing, composition, color theory and developing the different stages of a painting. The beginning oils meets on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Easels are provided.

The Todd & Huff Art Center is located at Bohicket Marina next to Luciano’s Pizza. Call Patricia Huff at 404.245.5766 or email patbillhuff@earthlink.net with questions or to register. See PatriciaRHuff.com, ToddHuffCenter.com for details.

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