Nov 25 2014

It’s Time To SHOP!

By Bob Hooper for The Island Connection


The holidays are here, or so you would think if you went in a store, watched TV, listened to the radio, etc. Santa and the elves are hard at work and all good children, whatever their ages, are already “wishing” for something, mostly electronics!

So let’s do some smart shopping and get the best bang for our hard earned bucks. One thought about games, laptops, tablets and TV’s is to wait till just before the 25th to buy them, and in past years it’s held true. You would see that last minute drop in price at Best Buy or Wal-Mart, take that crazy drive at 2 a.m. to the all-night store and grab the deep discounted item after fighting off 20 other caffeine crazed shoppers, only to find it cheaper still the next day.

The on-line shopping trend may peak this year and already deals are available, some quite good. I think Cyber Monday will be a great time to buy those electronic items for all, with some of the deals starting on Black Friday. If you have not heard of Cyber Monday it’s the name coined for the Monday after Black Friday because everyone is back at work and buying stuff online.

As stated many of the online deals start on 11/28/14 but the really good ones start at midnight on Dec. 1 with some being snapped up in the first few minutes. Doorbuster deals start every hour and sites like Amazon have “popup” deals thru-out the day, even sites like the Apple store seem to get caught up in the frenzy.

Depending on the laptop you are considering deals should range from as low as under $300 for a Windows 8.1 OS to as high as $2,000 for a top-end Mac. When considering the budget for little Jimmy or darling Sarah make sure to take into account what it’s really going to be used for, what kind of software you will need and the age of the person. A 9 year old really, really does not need a $2,000 Mac, although mom might!

Refurbished iPads are available directly from the Apple store on-line and might make the perfect gift for the younger aged, they come with a warranty and although they may be a model earlier will do everything and run the latest apps. One note about tablets, if you buy a $69 tablet on sale what you get is as $69 tablet. It will be clunky, run very slow, have outdated software and will not run a lot of apps, in fact it may not even connect to the Play store (Google). Many of the cheap tablets have their “own” app store and are very limited in their offerings.

Remember that the islands have lots of non-electronic gifts, shop locally. I do offer to buy, set-up and transfer from old to new for all electronics including computers and TV’s, Blu-rays, etc.

So go forth, set your budget early, expect to bust it and commiserate will each other come January when the bills come due.

As with all of my columns if you want help or have questions don’t hesitate to call Rent A Bob at 843.822.7794 or email at

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