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Jun 01 2021

Tidal Wave Water Sports

By Theresa Stratford for The Island Connection 

A subject discussed at this week’s Seabrook Island Town Council meeting on May 25 noted by Mayor John Gregg as creating significant “interest” among residents was the potential opening of Tidal Wave Water Sports, which was set to open this past week at Bohicket Marina. Town Clerk Faye Allbritton received public comments about the opening of the business. Town Administrator Joe Cronin reported that as of the time of the Town Council meeting they had not issued Tidal Wave Water Sports a business license. He did say that zoning requirements for the marina were consistent with the nature of the business for Tidal Wave and that if the business license application came in, it would be under their inclination as a town to issue it. Council Member Jeri Finke commented that more research needed to be done into any negative impacts from the jet skis on the shoreline. “We have an environmental focus here and before we could allow a business like this to open we need to do significant research on the types of jet skis they will use, etc.,” she said. Council Member Patricia Fox said that she would like to have a conversation with all the parties involved and agreed with Finke that more research was needed. Gregg expressed concern that he was not aware of Tidal Wave Water Sports establishing a business location at Bohicket Marina until an email came in from a resident. He then went on with the rest of the agenda for the Town Council Meeting after stating, “having addressed the topic with as little information as we have on hand.” Lastly, a public comment was made from Mike McShane, former chairman of DNR’s board and current chairman of the SC Conservation Bank. He expressed concern with watersports. He said in his tenure on the board with DNR he spent time with law enforcement and that there were a number of incidents that took place with rental watersports equipment. He wanted Council to be cognizant of the consequences. He said that many people are inexperienced and do not know how to operate the watercraft and then they find themselves in trouble. He also noted that people can’t get a driver’s license without having to show competency but that is not the case with boating. The board thanked him for his comments and wanted to speak to him further. As of press time, Tidal Wave Water Sports has not opened at Bohicket Marina and sources close to the subject suggest that they will not pursue opening there at this time. 

Tidal Wave Water Sports has locations at the Isle of Palms Marina and at 50 Immigration Street in downtown Charleston. They offer jet ski adventures, parasailing and custom charters. They also offer wakeboarding, tubing and skiing. Since 1996, the company has provided water sports adventures to visitors and locals at the Isle of Palms Marina.

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