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Jul 24 2020

The Power Of Music

Staff Report for The Island Connection

Local songstress Irene Rose is helping families beat the quarantine blues through song. A staple in the children’s music scene and speaking circuit, she believes in the power of music to transform any “grumpapotamus” and get them laughing and dancing to “The Get Along Song.”

“What we put in children’s minds is so important. I want to contribute something that will create a positive impact,” Irene shared. 

She encouraged parents, teachers and ministry leaders to utilize music to address difficult topics such as bullying, so that when children are faced with difficult decisions, they will have a lyric in their head that gives them practical tools to do what is right. 

How can music help us weather a pandemic? Irene suggested keeping positive music on in the car, at home and even while falling asleep. She encouraged families to make thoughtful selections that promote kindness, friendship, honesty and make children feel safe.

Happy music in the morning motivates learning; gentle music in the afternoon helps wind down for nap time. Upbeat dance music helps children release endorphins, alleviating stress.

Raised in Summerville and a graduate of Charleston South University, Irene found herself a songwriting deal on music row in Nashville.

She has been featured on 13 albums and had 20 songs on the radio. With two new albums released and distributed worldwide on streaming platforms, she has carved out a unique niche, combining education and character-building with song. Children flock to the stage every time she performs, dancing and singing along.

Stories from parents are what make Irene’s job fulfilling. One parent shared that her son chose not to cheat on a test because he remembered her honesty song, “Temptation Comes A Knockin.’”

“Music is an extremely powerful teaching tool,” Irene said.

“Things we learn at 5 years old can shape our whole lives.”

Her latest Spanish release, “Canta Conmigo” has even the tiniest fans learning a second language. 

When she isn’t songwriting, Irene is managing her business, “Once Upon A Party,” and her newest venture of producing sync licensing jingles for advertisements. She even produced a songwriting workshop that can be done online.

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