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Mar 18 2011

The Point Is … women!

By Kristin Hackler

As with most great ideas, the concept for The Point Is began over drinks.

“We [the Ambrose girls] wanted to get a group of women together in order to give back to the community,” said The Point Is co-founder, Becky Stallworth. “Five years ago, over drinks and scribbling on napkins, we came up with the basic concept. All of us kept saying, ‘But the point is …’ and the phrase just stuck.”

Today, The Point Is has raised more than $100,000 for local, women-focused charities through several creative outlets. From a cookbook packed full of wonderful recipes to tervis tumblers, t-shirts, and a very successful Trash to Treasure sale at the shed next to the Stono Market last year. This year, instead of gathering all of their items under one roof, many of The Point Is members are selling things that they no longer need through Craigslist and donating the funds toward The Point Is’ chosen charity. This year, these ambitious women are donating their funds to the Hollings Cancer Center.

“The Hollings Cancer Center has been very good to work with and they have been very understanding about our requirements,” said member Maggie McKellips. “They are very transparent about how the funds we donate are disbursed.”

While the ladies will be donating their time to women-based projects in the area, including the annual Habitat for Humanity Women Build at the beginning of May, the biggest fundraiser of the year for The Point Is, is coming up this October. Called Camp for the Cause, The Point Is invites between 80 and 100 women to spend the night on a member’s property on Wadmalaw Island, and all activities are geared toward raising funds for that year’s charity – and the charity is always one that supports breast cancer research and prevention.

“We have live music and activities, but we also have mini-fundraisers in our tents,” smiled McKellips. “Last year, we sold jello shots and little cheesecakes in our tent, and we had a Survivor Challenge going on in another tent.”

Fundraising co-chair Patricia Bisceglia also pointed out that members of The Point Is will be participating in the Dragon Boat races this May 14 at Brittlebank Park.

“We reached out to established non-profits our first year, and the Susan G. Komen foundation received our first camp donation, but now we specifically send our donations to local organizations,” said Bisceglia.

For more information about The Point Is, and to find out about any of their upcoming events, visit , email or call 478-6959.

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