Nov 30 2009

Swearing in on Seabrook

Judge O'Neil swears in the new Seabrook Island Town Council.

Judge O'Neil swears in the new Seabrook Island Town Council.

It was a bright, excited crowd that gathered in Seabrook Town Hall on Friday, November 6. Newly elected and returning Council members were dressed to the nines, shaking hands with congratulatory constituents before stepping to the front of the room to be sworn in by Judge O’Neil.

Former Councilman Bill Holtz was the first to take the oath of office as the new Mayor of Seabrook Island. With his hand on a Bible held by his wife, Holtz solemnly repeated the judge’s words. As the crowd applauded his new office, former Mayor Frank McNulty ran from the crowd and almost tackled Holtz in a hug. With a broad smile and a “congratulations”, McNulty handed Holtz the Mayor’s gavel.

In short order, Councilmen Terrence Ahearn, Jerry Cummin, Robert Savin and Sam Reed, and Utility Commissioner Lee Vancini, were sworn into office and the gathered attendees were invited to join in a delicious lunch prepared by Hamby Catering.

“I’m excited and delighted to serve this term,” said returning Councilman Robert Savin. “I’m looking forward to implementing the Town’s new Disaster and Recovery Plan and working with all of the island entities.”

Returning Councilman Jerry Cummin applauded his wife, Hutchie, for all of her help during this year’s campaign. “She did a great job,” said Cummin. “She got a lot of people together and sent out a lot of emails. She’s my chairman,” he laughed. Cummin also noted that he is pleased with the job of former Mayor Frank McNulty, who kept the Town in excellent financial condition. “I’m sorry he’s leaving,” said Cummin, “but he leaves a good legacy.”

Newly appointed Mayor Holtz seems ready to start working immediately, stating that he’s looking forward to taking action on the Johns Island roads situation. “I hope to see the 526 issue and the County road study come to some sort of completion,” said Holtz. “And I hope to get involved with the Wind and Hail Insurance Group at their option, and support their efforts.” He also noted that he is looking to help the island continue to grow and looks forward to the Town working together with the POA and the Club.

“I’m excited to be involved in a community as great as Seabrook Island,” said newly appointed Councilman Sam Reed. “This is a special place and I’m going to do all I can to maintain it, and I’ll certainly do what I can to enhance the safety of the roads; not just for the people on our islands, but for those traveling, as well.”

Returning Utility Commissioner Lee Vancini praised his campaign manager, not only for his great ideas, but for “staying on my case constantly,” he smiled. “At the end of this year, we will have completed two simultaneous heavy capital expenditure projects which were necessary to the system,” Vancini explained. “Looking ahead, I don’t see any major items like those that we’ll have to deal with, so the financial integrity of the Utility Commission should be enhanced greatly.”

The new Seabrook Island Town Council will have their first Council meeting together at 2:30pm on Tuesday, November 24. All are welcome to attend.

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