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Jun 13 2014

Stay Safe On Two Wheels This Summer


By Brandon Johnston for The Island Connection


Summer is once again upon us and it’s time to break out those bicycles and enjoy these beautiful Carolina days. Yet, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration “A total of 677 pedal cyclists were killed in motor vehicle crashes in recent years.” Therefore, here are a few tips for cyclists and motorists to help keep everyone safe while enjoying our magnificent lowcountry area.

Always wear a helmet, especially when riding on or near roadways.

Wear bright clothing and make sure you have reflectors or lights in the front and rear of your bike so you can be easily seen by motorists.

Motorists should use extra caution while driving, particularly in neighborhoods and other congested or residential areas where bicyclists are likely to travel.

Motorists and cyclists have a responsibility to share the road and look out for each other.

Be courteous and remember to use proper hand signals when turning, slowing, or stopping.

Obey traffic signs and ride in bike lanes if available.

Children should always be supervised while cycling, particularly near roadways.

The Lowcountry has much to offer for us all to enjoy. So please follow these tips, be safe, and have fun.



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