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Nov 14 2014

St. Johns High School Students Create New Vision

Staff Report for The Island Connection

Mark Epstein with students on the day of the mural dedication.

Mark Epstein with students on the day of the mural dedication.

St. Johns students, under the leadership of Principal Andre Dukes, have created a new vision statement for the Mighty Islanders. “Scholars of the Island, Citizens of the World” reflects the school’s charge to utilize personalized learning to prepare students for the global, 21st century workforce.

Our student scholars are learning to think globally and act locally, and the new vision embodies that spirit and sentiment,” said Principal Dukes.

Located in the school’s main corridor, the new art and vision statement will have an impact for years to come on all who visit the John’s Island school.

Longtime CCSD educator Mark Epstein and his wife, Barbara, gifted the funds to St. John’s for the installation of the mural.


What wonderful students and a great community. It was an honor for us to make this presentation,” said Epstein. “I was blessed to have spent the last three years serving the students of Johns Island. This is a gift on behalf of the 26 years I have spent working as a teacher, counselor and basketball coach in the Charleston County School District.”

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