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Sep 04 2015

Share The Road Safely

By Chad Kelly for The Island Connection


We see it everyday, people walking down the side of the road with their back to you or running across the street with no warning. Then many times we have a person on the bicycle coming towards you head on.

Hopefully, this article will help to educate people on the requirements when using our roadways:

When walking:

1. When walking with no sidewalks present you are to walk facing traffic. This allows you to see the vehicles coming towards you and adjust your position as necessary.

2. Walk in a single file. This allows adequate space for drivers to move around you and your walking partners.

3. Wear bright colors. Bright colors are easily recognizable and show up easily with headlights.

4. Turn down the music. With headphones on it limits your ability to hear traffic noises and warning devices that may notify you of danger.

5. Pay attention. Many people text or play with their phones while walking. You need to pay attention for hazards in the walking path and traffic.

6. Keep animals on a short leash. An animal will many times stretch to the end of its leash and endanger the animal, the person and traffic.

When riding a bicycle:

1. Bicycles are to be rode as near the right side as possible.

2. Bicycles may not be rode more than 2 abreast.

3. No bicycle operating on a roadway may carry more people than the bicycle is designed to carry with a permanently attached seat.

4. It is unlawful to cling to a vehicle to propel the bicycle.

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