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Aug 27 2016

Seabrook Islanders Rally To Award Scholarship

By Jordan de Jong for The Island Connection

Seabrookers Mary Jane Zuccaro and Susan Hopkins, scholarship student Jazmyn Tovar of Charleston Collegiate School and CCS Director of Development Bonnie Scapellato.

Seabrookers Mary Jane Zuccaro and Susan Hopkins, scholarship student Jazmyn Tovar of Charleston Collegiate School and CCS Director of Development Bonnie Scapellato.

Seabrook Shares!, a recently formed philanthropic group of generous Seabrook Island residents, started by Mary Jane Zuccaro and Susan Hopkins, supports promising students in the Sea Island area. They are now working with Charleston Collegiate School to help students benefit from a more challenging educational environment.

Seabrook Shares! formed in 2015 when Seabrook locals Zuccaro and Hopkins became interested in getting involved with local scholarship opportunities. Their goal is to assist students in the Sea Island community who may not be receiving the attention, development and challenge they need to meet their potential in their academic career.

To achieve their goals, these generous Seabrookers have fundraised throughout the community and established a Seabrook Shares! Scholarship at Charleston Collegiate School. They intend to expand the group to continue to provide educational opportunities for more students.

Charleston Collegiate School is a forward-thinking, independent school located on Johns Island. CCS is a collegial environment with a diverse student body, low student/teacher ratio, 30 acres of outdoor educational space and the added participation of community mentors.

As an integral part of the Sea Island community, Charleston Collegiate School believes that diversity is a cornerstone of the educational experience. CCS is dedicated to providing support for the area’s many different cultural, racial, and socioeconomic groups, which is accomplished through a scholarship program designed to attract the best and brightest students.

The scholarship program provides an educational opportunity with individual attention and mentorship that will have a transformative impact.

This year, Seabrook Shares! is pleased to provide a scholarship to Jazmyn Tovar, a rising eighth-grader at CCS, for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year. CCS is thrilled to be partnering with Seabrook Shares! to provide this support to Jazmyn, who is extremely deserving of this honor.

An excellent representative of the well rounded student body at CCS, Jazmyn is on the honor roll and especially enjoys outdoor education, science, reading and creative writing.

Jazmyn’s advisor, Jenni Luckie, said, “Jazmyn is a very studious young lady who excels in creativity. She is a natural born leader both in and out of the classroom and works exceptionally well with her peers.”

CCS prides itself on its Four Pillars of Learning: an educational philosophy focused on Project-based Learning, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy, Leadership through Outdoor Education, and Creativity and the Arts. Through the Four Pillars education, Jazmyn has been challenged both academically and within her own emotional growth. Jazmyn says of her experience at CCS, “The school has made me more responsible and social.

When I first arrived, I was very shy and very guarded around my peers. The CCS students’ and faculty’s kindness helped me and I opened up to them. CCS has helped me learn independence and responsibility.”

Seabrook Shares! is helping Jazmyn pave her way to a successful educational career which will help her be best prepared for her college education and her future goal of becoming a youth-novelist. Jazmyn is a wonderful member of the CCS family, and will utilize her scholarship to its fullest potential.

Seabrook Shares! is also hoping that our island partners will continue to expand and to support Jazmyn so she can maintain her path towards her admirable academic goals.

For more information, or if you’re interested in getting involved with Seabrook Shares!, please email, or call 843.559.5506.

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