Sep 08 2022

Seabrook Island Looks To Add Park On Town Hall Property

By Theresa Stratford for The Island Connection 

Seabrook Island Town Hall on a rainy day. Due to drainage problems on the site of Town Hall, a detention pond is being considered to be added on the property.

Just when you thought Seabrook Island couldn’t get any more beautiful, Town Council is now thinking of adding a park to be situated somewhere on the 6 acres of property where Town Hall resides. With money already set aside for amenities around the Town Hall building, Seabrook Island Town Administrator Joe Cronin proposed at the Town Council meeting on Aug. 23 that they look at conceptual plans for a park on the site. ESP, the consultant company that worked with the Town on making improvements to the pathway along Seabrook Island Road, will work on the conceptual plans.

Due to some modifications to the intended services performed for the road, Seabrook Island has asked ESP to submit an update, including a conceptual plan for a park on Town Hall’s property. Cronin said that since Seabrook Island Town Council is considering expanding Town Hall and adding a garage, they may as well take the opportunity to do a complete overhaul of the property while the other improvements are taking place. “It’s an opportunity to look at what we might want to do with this site,” he said.

Some of the ideas he mentioned were a landscaped courtyard, a band stand or even a small amphitheater. The Town Hall site also has some drainage issues so a detention pond somewhere on the property would be a consideration. 

Cronin mentioned bringing the pedestrian path around the back of Town Hall as well as an option. “We are looking at active and passive recreation to the extent that funds are available,” he remarked. “There are no commitments. Really, we just want to see what is even possible here.” 

The conceptual plan by ESP will see what will fit on the property, how to access it, layout, etc. 

“The initial first step is seeing and assessing what we can do if we want to do anything at all,” he added. The preliminary design plus the preliminary concept, planning revision and review will cost $6,200. “This amount falls into what we already budgeted and set aside for a separate project related to the pathway so we are incorporating that into the existing funding that we already set aside,” he said. “We want to take a portion just to look at what could potentially be done.” He also noted that doing the actual work is “several budget years away.” Council Member Jeri Finke asked if ESP could consider the Greenbelt Program, which has a number of provisions to follow, when conceptualizing a park. Cronin said that it is too early in the process to follow the Greenbelt Program’s protocols, but that once they are in the design process they will consider it. “We just aren’t at that level of detail right now,” he explained. 

The Seabrook Island Town Council unanimously approved of ESP working on conceptual plans for a park on the Town Hall property. 

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