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Nov 24 2021

Seabrook Island Election Yields New Councilmember, Rest Incumbents

By Theresa Stratford for The Island Connection   

Mayor John Gregg

The election results of the Seabrook Island municipal election held on Tuesday, Nov. 2 are in. Mayor John Gregg will remain as mayor for another two years as he ran uncontested. Leon Vancini will remain on the utility commission as he ran uncontested as well. His term is for six years. Town Council incumbents were all re-elected. That includes Council Members Barry Goldstein, Jeri Finke and Patricia Fox. The fourth seat, which came open in May 2021 when former councilmember Skip Crane resigned, will be filled by Dan Kortvelesy. These four candidates were the top vote getters. 

Lee Vancini
Lee Vancini

Mayoral election results 

Mayor John Gregg – 392 votes – 97.03% 

Write-In – 12 votes – 2.97% 

Town Council election results 

Jeri Finke – 315 votes – 20.01% 

Patricia Fox – 311 votes – 19.76% 

Barry Goldstein – 382 votes – 24.27% 

Dan Kortvelesy – 287 votes – 18.23% 

Sharon Welch – 272 votes – – 17.28% 

Utility commission election results 

Lee Vancini – 383 votes – 99.74% 

Write- In – 1 vote – .26% 

Kortvelesy is the newest member to Seabrook Island Town Council. Read on for more information about his experience: Since moving to Seabrook Island in 2011, Kortvelesy has served as a member of the SIPOA board of directors for six years from 2014 to 2020. He was vice president in 2019 of SIPOA and president in 2020. During his time on the SIPOA board, he served as the chair of the SIPOA planning committee from 2014 to 2019, and as a member since 2012. 

Jeri Finke

As a part of the planning committee, he was a member of the survey, data-gathering sub-committee.

Patricia Fox

He was also the vice-chair of the ARC from 2014 to 2019, and a member of the safety and security committee. He has served on many subcommittees including the Audubon Data Gathering Sessions and the Housing Sub-Committee. Kortvelesy was also a part of the Town of Seabrook Island (TOSI) Disaster Recovery Council and during this past year, he served as a member of the Johns Island Task Force. On Thursday, Nov. 4 at 9:20 a.m., the Charleston County Board of Canvassers will hold a public hearing at the elections office at 4367 Headquarters Road in North Charleston, to determine the validity of all ballots challenged in this election and certify election results. 

Dan Kortvelesy

For more information on the incumbents, visit

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