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Oct 06 2009

Seabrook Council candidates, part two

Staff report

In the last edition of The Island Connection, we spoke with several candidates for Town Council, as well as William Holtz, the sole candidate for Town Mayor, and Lee Vancini, the incumbent running against Charles Measter for Utility Commissioner. At the time, we were unable to reach two of the Town Council candidates and the second candidate for Utility Commissioner. In this follow-up, we wanted to give Council candidates Terrence Ahern and incumbent Dr. Robert Savin, as well as Utility Commissioner candidate Charles Measter, a chance to state their reasons for running and what goals they might have if elected.

Terrence Ahern, Council candidate, noted that with his past experience as a member of the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association and as a past vice president and president of SIPOA, as well as his service with another POA before moving to Seabrook, Ahern feels that he has proven to be someone who will be actively involved in the community. “While working with the POA, I helped with the surveys and found that people really like living in a gated community because they feel safe and secure,” said Ahern. “So my primary objective is to continue to have our gate system and to not violate that position of keeping our island safe and secure.” Ahern also noted that there is a need to work on our safety outside of Seabrook; specifically the Johns Island roads. “Whether it’s with a better road system or expansion of existing roads,” said Ahern. “But it needs to be done with as little damage to the environment as possible.”

Current Council member Dr. Robert Savin first ran for Seabrook Town Council four years ago and has found that he enjoys learning how small government works and how it interacts with the State government. “I also learned about other small town governments and how Seabrook Island works in particular,” said Savin. “It is unique, with a large POA that handles many of the larger problems that a Town would normally handle.” When Savin first ran for Council, he had a lot of planks in his platform, “and I’ve found that I’ve accomplished most of those planks,” he smiled. Some, he noted, turned out to be impossible, such as having a public health office, as even the large Town of James Island doesn’t even have one, and supply flu vaccines to residents; a problem which the federal government corrected. Savin was instrumental in starting the island’s CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) organization, which is the largest single CERT organization in the State. “In the long term, I would like to continue our good relations with the Club and the POA,” said Savin. “I feel that the new facilities are a great benefit to the island and I would like to continue promoting them.” While in office, Savin stated that the ecology and the use of the island in a responsible manner is important to him, as is the preservation of green space; and as for the safety of the island, Savin firmly stated that “the gate is inviolate.”

Finally, the second candidate for Utility Commissioner, Charles Measter, explained that his main interest is to ensure that the island’s water needs are sufficient for the next generation. “I am also concerned about the cost of our water,” writes Measter. “I think we are paying higher water rate than people in other States with which I am familiar.” Measter believes that his knowledge and experience as an attorney and former manager of a shipping company give him the appropriate background for understanding the financing of large projects. His future goals include improving the infrastructure behind the gate, in particular the dredging of the lake on number four of Ocean Winds which is a holding a basin of effluent water for the spray fields. “I am aware that the commission is selling effluent water at times to the Oak Point Golf course and giving the Club water from a deep water well which is higher in salt content. This affects the live oaks on the golf courses which is a concern to all members of the club and the non members alike.”

Seabrook Island elections will be held on November 3.

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