Dec 17 2021

Sea Islands Hunger Awareness Foundation Hunger Awareness Challenge Increased To $125,000

By The Sea Islands Hunger Awareness Foundation for The Island Connection

The Sea Islands Hunger Awareness Foundation (SIHAF) has announced that two more donors have offered to match an additional $50,000, increasing efforts to the $125,000 Hunger Awareness Challenge. 

It would mean that we would be able to grant more of the funds that our 15 local programs and organizations need, instead of only what we could provide in past years. This would be an enormous help to the three Programs (Sea Islands Blessing Basket, Crock-Pot Cooking Classes, and Water Wellness Mission), and 12 partners (Amor Healing Kitchen, Backpack Buddies of Seabrook Island, Fields to Families, Hebron Zion Emergency Food Pantry, Hebron Zion Senior Citizens Ministry, Meals on Mondays of the Rockville Presbyterian Church, Charleston Area Senior Citizens Meals on Wheels Program, New Webster Johns Island Parish Food Pantry, St. James Bethel Food Pantry, St. James Bethel AME Church Sunday Dinner Program, Sweetgrass Garden Co-op, Temple Take-Out Ministry of Wesley UMC). 

It would mean SIHAF Programs and Partners could serve more Johns and Wadmalaw Island residents, providing consistent, satisfying, and nourishing food, and clean water, expand services and programs, and shorten or eliminate waiting lists. 

It would mean SIHAF Programs and Partners could provide more nutritious food to 4,000 sea island neighbors who deal with hunger every day, via meals, groceries, and special programs. 

Our farming partners could provide more fresh produce, and clean water can be provided to more homes, also shortening or eliminating waiting lists. 

It would mean SIHAF Programs and Partners could buy more food provided to our neighbors as food prices skyrocket. 

One ham or chicken currently offered doesn’t provide much protein to a family for a month. 

It would mean SIHAF’s All-Volunteer Team could serve more of our neighbors in need, more efficiently and effectively. More than 100 volunteers give their time, talent, and treasure, to secure, sort, pack, and distribute food to our clients, as well as work on our outreach programs. all donations go toward fighting island hunger and providing clean water. Clients are encouraged to “give back” by volunteering, sharing their good fortune, and doing a good deed for others when they can. Please help us reach our final goal of $250,000 so we can continue to Provide Our Programs, Support Our Partners, and Provide Nutritious Food and Clean Water to our Sea Island Neighbors in Need in 2022. Please share with your friends and neighbors. 

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