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Jun 23 2010

Saying goodbye to Ernest

Ernest_RosebankBy Louise Bennett

Ernest Taylor, who worked with us at Rosebank Farms for 20 years, died of lung cancer on June 5 and was buried on June 9. Some of you knew Ernest as our delivery man; others of you may have known him from the years we participated in farmers’ markets. He was also a cashier at the Rosebank Farms market. Ernest joined us soon after we opened this business and worked in many capacities from backhoe operator to tractor driver, mechanic, sometime plumber, handyman, and as my primary assistant when setting up weddings; whatever Sidi and I asked of Ernest, he did. He was a most loyal employee.

He nearly always had a smile on his face and endeared himself to many of our customers. His smile and personality gained him many friends. He was a part of the lives of all of us at Rosebank and we miss him.

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