Jan 11 2010

Public invited to comment on Angel Oak Village

angel-oak-treeProvided by the Save the Angel Oak Group

Please attend the CCDRB meeting, Thursday, January 14 at 5pm. The meeting will be held downtown, 75 Calhoun Street, 3rd Floor (across from the public library).

The public will have an opportunity to comment on the proposed Angel Oak Village. Your presence will make a huge difference! We, as residents of Johns Island, are in a unique and powerful position. WE will shape the future of Johns Island by guiding the fate of the Angel Oak. To the contrary of what many believe, phase 1 of the proposed Angel Oak Village development is NOT a done deal.

The citizens of Johns Island and others have been extremely concerned about the developer, Robert Demoura’s, plans that will harm the Angel Oak, disturb more than half the wetlands on site and decrease the health of nearby Church Creek, which is already imperiled.

The decisions made by governments are to protect what is most important for the public good. Obviously, in the case of this development, our local and state governments have been slow to wake up to the inconsistent and fraudulent information in the permitting process.

The only way we can truly make an impact is if people show up at this meeting. You don’t have to say anything. Just think how much can be accomplished if a room full of people stands up together to protect the place that they call home….

The CCDRB is here to ensure that construction projects blend in with their environment and maintain the character of their surroundings. Not only does this proposed development endanger the Angel Oak by destroying the surrounding forest, but it also ruins the classic rural feel of a trip to John’s Island. Please come out to 75 Calhoun St., 3rd floor @ 5 pm, Thursday, 1/14….Let your voice be heard!

If this date and time are inconvenient, please send comments before 4PM on Thursday 1/14, but your presence will make a MUCH bigger impact!

William Turner, Principal Planner
Architecture and Preservation Division
Fax (843) 724-3772 (preferable method)

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