Dec 24 2018

Property Management Is Just What You Need

By Hillary Harling for The Island Connection 

If you are new to the Sea Islands of the Lowcountry or even if you are a seasoned pro, a property manager is a necessity.

 At the basic level, a property manager will oversee your property and ensure everything is in good condition. They perform routine inspections, contact you with any issues that arise, can coordinate repairs, winterize or storm prep your home, handle deliveries to your home, supervise renovation projects, assist with guests or renters that use your home, and that’s just the start.

It is important to have on-site property management services available whether you rent your home or not. Besides being a contact for your guests, your manager can schedule repairs and housekeeping, provide routine maintenance, check for damages between guests, and stage the property for incoming guests. However, even if you do not rent your home, having a property manager check on it regularly can prevent small problems, such as leaks and electrical issues, from becoming much bigger issues. Your home will be properly prepared for an incoming weather event and your manager will report to you once the storm passes to coordinate any needed repairs and clean up.

Your property manager can take the headache and worry from your visits and allow you to relax and enjoy your home as it was meant to be: a vacation home. They can handle detailed tasks such as deliver groceries, ensure your cable/internet and appliances are working properly, outdoor areas are free of debris, and even turn your thermostat up or down according to your preferences and leave some lights on for you.

Are you in the market for manager? To find the right one for you, ask yourself: do I want to rent my property? Am I looking to do renovations at the house and need guidance or someone to supervise? How involved do I want to be in the care of my home? The most important service your property manager can provide you is peace of mind.

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