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Oct 15 2009

Police Reports

The following police reports were provided by the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office:

September 10, 2009: (Kiawah) The victim arrived on Seascape Road to do work on a residence and when he returned to his vehicle, he noticed that two work bags were missing from the back bed of his truck. The bags contained several items, including a digital camera, two bottles of Oxycodone tablets and several tools.

September 13, 2009: (Seabrook) The victim reported that on September 10, a Yeager-Cultre watch valued at approximately $12,000 was stolen from his residence. The victim explained that he had placed the watch in a drawer in the master bedroom next to an expensive diamond bracelet. The only person in the residence out of the norm during the time the watch went missing was an exterminator, who had access to the bedroom as well as other areas of the residence. The deputy saw that the watch and bracelet had been kept in a jewelry box on a shelf in the master bedroom closet. While asking the victim about the exterminator, the victim advised that the exterminator had sprayed around the baseboards in the residence, including the closet. A business card was provided for the exterminator company.

September 17, 2009: (Kiawah) An officer arrived in reference to an agency assist. The complainant stated that he had seen a suspect underneath a residence under construction, and noticed that the suspect was huffing what he thought was Freon from a gray and yellow cylinder. The suspect stated that he had been huffing Freon for about an hour before the complainant discovered him. The suspect appeared very disoriented and under the influence of something. The officer also observed a yellow and gray Freon cylinder in the area of the suspect. The suspect was issued a citation and was voluntarily transported to St. Francis Hospital via EMS.

September 24, 2009: (Kiawah) Victim reported that between September 3 and 9, an unknown person took her Sony Noise Canceling headset. The victim advised that the item was in a pre-packed bag and she did not notice the item missing until she was on the plane. The victim stated that it was not likely that anyone removed the item from her bag at the airport. She believes that someone entered her residence and removed the item from the bag. The victim noticed no signs of forced entry and the suspect may have entered the home through a cipher lock.

September 26, 2009: (Seabrook) An officer responded to Ocean Forest Drive in reference to a domestic disturbance. The officer arrived on the scene and met with the complainant and the subject. Both parties were intoxicated and stated that they had a verbal altercation and nothing more. Both stated that no physical altercation occurred and the officer observed no signs of one. The subject stated that he was wanted with the sheriff’s department for a magistrate bench warrant. The subject was taken into custody and transported to the detention center and served with a warrant.

September 27, 2009: (Kiawah) The complainant arrived at work at The Sanctuary and noticed broken glass near the parking place on the ground. He noticed a white Toyota Camry with the driver’s window broken. He reported the incident to Resort Security and an officer was dispatched. Upon initial investigation, it was determined that several vehicles were involved and the crime lab was summoned. Photos and testing for prints revealed no evidence of possible suspect information. A total of 10 vehicles were damaged in some manner, ranging from pry marks to broken windows. Two GPS devices, a purse, and a cell phone were stolen from various vehicles. The officer noted that the parking area had poor lighting and no video camera surveillance. There is no other information to follow up at this time.

September 30, 2009: (Seabrook) Victim reported that between 3:26pm and 4pm, an unknown person had taken her purse while she was at the Bohicket Marina. The purse was small and made of black leather. It also contained several personal items, as well as items of identification.

October 4, 2009: (Kiawah) An officer spoke with a victim in reference to receiving an unwanted communication via text message from a suspect. An earlier report was taken for earlier texts on September 7. The message the victim received from her former friend’s phone read: “Hahaha someone just told me you hit inside of their bra, haha its all over myspace. It’s a good thing you’re taking your Russian a– back. Hahaha I also read you p—ed on a stripper pole you dumb f—-ing loser.” She had already told him not to contact or communicate with her. She wished to have this incident documented due to the earlier report.

October 6, 2009: (Kiawah) An officer responded to Mariner’s Watch to take a report in regards to misplaced identification. The complainant needed the report in order to board a flight.

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