Sep 17 2009

Police reports: mid-September 2009

The following police reports were provided by the Charleston County Police Department:

August 12, 2009: (Kiawah) An officer was contacted by the victim in reference to Subject 1 harrassing her by phone and in person. The victim states that Subject 1 and Subject 2 were having an affair in the past and that Subject 1 had been phoning her residence repeatedly for the past several months looking to speak with Subject 2. On July 21, 2009, Subject 2 entered rehab and Subject 1 has continued to call and has stopped in front of the victim’s residence when driving by, and knows that Subject 2 is not there. The victim does not answer the phone when Subject 1 calls and does not approach Subject 1 when she stops in front of her residence. The victim states that Subject 1 calls at least twice daily and will stop in front of the residence up to three times a day. The victim also states that in April of this year, she told Subject 1 not to call or come by the residence anymore. The officer contacted Subject 1 and she denies calling the victim at any time or stopping in front of her residence. Subject 1 confirmed having a relationship with Subject 2 and states that she has been out of town the last two weeks and that the victim as lying and trying to scare her away from Subject 2, but did state that if the victim was willing to drop this matter, she would cease all contact with Subject 2. The officer advised the victim to get a phone log and to take pictures if Subject 1 stops in front of her residence again.

August 24, 2009: (Kiawah) An officer spoke with the victim, who stated that on August 15 at 2pm, she was assaulted by the Subject. The victim claimed that when she arrived at work, she advised the subject that she had just received a traffic citation. The victim claimed that at that time, for unknown reasons, the subject struck her twice across the face with an open hand. The victim claimed at that point that she quit her job. The victim requested this report in order to initiate civil actions against the Kiawah Island Beach Club.

August 28, 2009: (Seabrook) Around 1pm, an officer responded to 1900 Seabrook Island Parkway and met with the complainant, who advised that she discovered that an unknown person used an unknown object to damage the ATM machine. The complainant advised that it appeared as if someone’s bank card got caught in the machine and the unknown person(s) attempted to get the card back. The officer took photos of the ATM machine and will place the photos into evidence. The officer also dusted for prints, but negative on any evidence being obtained. The complainant stated that the ATM has a camera, but she was not able to gain access.

September 2, 2009: (Kiawah) The victim arrived on the beach behind his residence at approximately 2:30pm. Shortly after, he left his green tote bag unattended, and went for a walk for about 30 minutes. When he returned, nothing appeared to be disturbed. When returning to his residence, he noticed his wallet and keys were missing from the bag. These items were under a large camera which was not taken.

September 6, 2009: (Kiawah) While on patrol of Kiawah, a deputy observed a vehicle in the maintenance area of the River Course. The vehicle was parked in front of the gas pumps with the headlights on. As the officer approached the vehicle, he did not observe anyone around. However, the officer found the suspect crouched down near the fuel door the vehicle, pumping gasoline. At first, the suspect stated that he did not speak English, but was able to say enough that he had permission from his boss. The suspect was detained and further inspection of the vehicle revealed several five gallon gas cans in the bed of the truck. Near the pumps was a control panel that had a key in the unlocking system, allowing the suspect to pump the gas. Inside the cab of the truck were River Course uniforms. The officer checked with the business and was advised that no one had permission to fill any personal vehicles and that no one should be at the facility after dark. A warrants check was conducted and the suspect had an outstanding bench warrant for an open container charge in 2005. The suspect was transported to the Charleston County Detention Center without incident.

September 6, 2009: (Kiawah) An officer responded to The Sanctuary to meet with a victim. The victim stated that when he was leaving Kiawah Island, he noticed his vehicle radio was not working in his 2002 Volkswagon Jetta. When the victim was able to stop the vehicle, he checked the fuse box, but still could not get the radio working. Upon further investigation, the victim found the balance knob of the console factory radio was bent or pushed up. At this time, the victim contacted the Sanctuary to make a report. The victim further stated that when he arrived at the Sanctuary on September 5, he allowed the valet service to park his vehicle. This was at approximately 9:30pm. The victim did not return to his vehicle until September 6 at 12:30pm. The officer inspected the radio and vehicle and confirmed the damage, but did not see any further damage. The officer determined that it would take a deliberate act to push the knob upward, causing the knob to break. The officer noted that he would attempt to contact that night’s valet.

September 7, 2009: (Kiawah) The victim stated that between September 4 and September 7, she has been receiving threatening text messages and phone messages from Suspect 1. The victim stated on that on September 4, she was at Suspect 1’s residence with Suspect 2 and while there, Suspects 1 and 2 got into a verbal altercation that escalated into Suspect 1 assaulting Suspect 2. The victim stated that she broke up the fight, and then left. The victim then said that she woke up the next morning and started to receive text messages from Suspect 1 on September 5. She received a total of 69 text messages from Suspect 1. A majority of the texts were nonsense in an attempt to take up space on her cell phone, but there were a few texts stating that Suspect 1 was going to “get her”, as well as “I’m at the gate … a guard is taking me to your place. Beware” and a phone call stating that “I’m now at the front gate coming to get you.” The officer advised the victim to obtain a copy of this report and take it to her local magistrate and talk to him/her about getting a restraining order against Suspect 1.

September 8, 2009: (Kiawah) At 2:45am, an officer responded to the corner of Kiawah Island Parkway and Surfwatch Drive in reference to a single vehicle accident with the vehicle on fire. While en route, the officer was notified that the passenger of the vehicle was at the main security gate. The officer met with the subject, who stated that he was the passenger and walked to the gate from the accident. The subject stated that he did not know how the accident happened because he wasn’t driving. The officer observed him bleeding from a laceration on his nose. EMS was already on the scene and tending to the subject. The subject was uncooperative, but stated that the driver of the vehicle fled the scene of the accident at the same time he did, but fled in an opposite direction (deeper onto the island). The officer asked the subject who the driver was, to which he responded only with a first name. the subject was transported to MUSC. In the meantime, the officer arrived at the accident scene and observed the vehicle to be completely burned. Fire was on the scene and had extinguished the flames. The officer was unable to locate any identifying features or numbers on the vehicle. The license plate was completely destroyed, and the doors had been melted off along with all the VIN markings. The area was searched for the driver, but they were unable to locate him. The officer later attempted to get more information on the driver from the passenger, but the subject was again uncooperative and would not provide any further information, except to say that he, the subject, had been working at King Street Grille before the incident occurred. When the officer pointed out that neither subject was in trouble, they just wanted to make sure the driver was okay, the passenger stated, “What part of ‘I’m not talking to you anymore’ do you not understand?”

September 9, 2009: (Kiawah) A complainant contacted the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office about a missing New Jersey driver’s license. The man believes that he misplaced it at Freshfields around 8pm, and asked to have a report taken for documentation.

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