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Apr 29 2011

Police Reports for April 29, 2011

March 31: (Seabrook) An officer received a complaint of fraud from a victim who stated that an unknown subject had defrauded her out of approximately $25,000. On March 28, the victim received a call from her investment broker, who was inquiring about a large sum of money ($25,000) that he had wired to her. The victim stated that she made no such request, and the broker stated that he had been corresponding with her through email, or so he thought. It was through email that the request was made to transfer the funds to an account set up to receive the funds. The victim stated that she did not, and has not been corresponding with the investment broker through email and they were able to determine that someone, somehow, had obtained the victim’s email address to send and receive emails. The investment broker provided the victim with copies of the emails and the Sheriff’s Office stated that a report would be made of the incident.

April 10: (Kiawah) The victim reported that an unknown suspect stole his wallet while he was shopping at the Piggly Wiggly. The wallet contained $257, six credit cards and a driver’s license. The victim immediately cancelled all of his cards on noticing that the wallet was stolen. No suspect information was available.

April 12: (Kiawah) An officer arrived at a residence on Surfsong in reference to an alarm. The officer noted two unlocked doors at the rear of the residence; one leading to the garage and the second to the second floor balcony. No key holder responded and the residence was cleared. The keys to the residence were turned over to Kiawah Security, who stated that the residence was a rental property.

April 17: (Seabrook) Two officers were dispatched to a residence on Andell Bluff Blvd. in response to a business alarm going off. On arrival, the officers noticed that the front door of the business was closed but unlocked. The officers observed no signs of forced entry or items out of place, and returned to follow up with the owner within the hour. The owner stated that nothing was stolen, damaged, or out of place, and that the door was left unsecured in error.

April 19: (Kiawah) An employee at a hotel on Kiawah Island reported that another employee had entered the hotel lobby and attempted to enter a restricted zone. When the victim told the subject to leave the hotel, the subject went behind the counter and began to assault them, both verbally and physically. The victims stated that they were hit several times before they were able to restrain the subject. When the officer arrived, he noticed that the subject was in handcuffs and both victims were restraining him as the subject was still attempting to fight. The officer also noted that the subject seemed highly intoxicated, and as the officer escorted him from the building, the subject became very hostile, yelling and cursing loudly, which caused several of the hotel guests to come outside and see what was going on. The subject was intoxicated to the point that he urinated on himself and fell several times before getting in the patrol vehicle. Both victims stated that they did not want to press charges, and noted that they did not have any injuries from the struggle.

April 20: (Seabrook) A woman called the Sheriff’s Office to report that a man whom she had dated four or five times and then broken up with was emailing, texting and calling her and leaving voice mails. The victim stated that she had told him to stop contacting her, but the subject told her “I’m fixated on you.” Because of this, the victim felt uncomfortable and wanted the incident documented.

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