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Nov 30 2009

Police Reports: early November

policeblottericonThe following police reports were provided by the Charleston County Sheriff’s Department:

November 9, 2009: (Freshfields) Between 6pm and 6:45am, a complainant stated that someone broke into his store. The suspect first tried to go through the back door as the security latch for the door was broken off, but entry was never gained and the door was still secure. The suspect then smashed in a side window with an unknown object, entered and broke into the cash register. The cash register was not damaged, so it was assumed that the suspect found the key for it that was in a cabinet beside the register. The total in the register can to $200 – the change was not taken. The responding officer attempted to lift prints from the register, cabinet and back door with no results. However, the officer was able to lift some partial prints from the wooden cabinet which held the key. They were turned into evidence to be checked through AFIS. The register tape also indicated that the register had been opened at 11:45pm on November 8. Nothing else was damaged, even though there are several paintings on the walls averaging a sale price of several hundred dollars each.

November 10, 2009: (Kiawah) The complainant arrived at the main gate of Kiawah to report that they struck a deer the night before. The complainant stated that a deer next to the roadway struck the right front plastic piece of his bumper. The piece can be pushed out with only a minor blemish to the paint finish, but the complainant advised that he needed a report made for the rental car company. The car sustained approximately $5 in damage.

November 10, 2009: (Freshfields) An officer met with the victim at a local coffee shop in reference to a disturbance between the victim and the subject. The victim stated that the subject’s vehicle was illegally parked and he attempted to pass the subject’s vehicle. The victim stated that the subject came out of the coffee shop and started hitting and kicking the right side of his vehicle. The officer observed a very small dent in the right front fender. The victim stated that the subject put a badge in his face and stated he was a police officer and he was going to arrest him. The victim stated the subject wanted to call the Sheriff’s office. The victim walked over to the manager’s office where he called the Sheriff’s office, but the subject left before he arrived. The officer talked with the subject, who stated that he came out of the coffee shop after dropping off his keys with his wife. The SUV was behind his vehicle and he tried to make eye contact with the driver and crossed the road to the back of his vehicle. The subject stated that as the SUV passed by, it appeared to him that the driver came very close to him and the right side mirror hit the subject on the shoulder, turning him around. The SUV continued on when the subject stated he hit the window of the SUV, attempting to get him to stop. The subject stated that the victim continued until the subject flashed his Resort security badge. The subject stated that the victim exited the SUV and was screaming at him about being illegally parked. The subject stated that the victim was so close to the subject’s fact that the victim’s nose was touching his, and the subject asked him to back up. The subject asked if he wanted to call the Sheriff’s department and the subject stated that the victim was causing a scene, so he left to go to work and contacted the Sheriff’s office. The victim called to talk with the head of security of the Kiawah Island Resort and after being told that she would not be in until Monday, the victim showed up at the security office and was asked to leave. The victim was referred to the Magistrate’s office if he wished to press charges.

November 11, 2009: (Kiawah) The victim stated that between 11am and 4pm, persons unknown stole $220 from her car which was parked in the garage of the house she was cleaning. The victim does not know how the subject entered the car as it was unlocked and the windows were rolled down. The victim also stated that there were about 20 people on the scene and she has no idea who the suspect is.

November 13, 2009: (Kiawah) An officer spoke to a complainant in reference to damage to her vehicle’s paint while it was parked in Mariner’s Watch. The damage consists of three scratched that are between six and 24 inches long. They are located on her passenger rear door, top of the trunk and the driver’s side front and rear doors. She stated that her vehicle was parked in a designated space between November 9 and November 13. During a portion of this time, an unknown tree or maintenance company was pruning the palmetto trees in the vicinity of her area and had piled up the cut branches next to her vehicle. She believes that these workers must have accidentally damaged her vehicle. She originally reported the incident to Kiawah Island Security, who advised her to call the Sheriff’s Department. The complainant stated that the damage was not malicious even after the officer stated that it could not be determined that the damage was accidental or even done by the tree workers.

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