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Dec 22 2021

Esther Piazza Doyle Earns Seabrook Island Artist Guild’s Artist Of The Month

By Seabrook Island Artist Guild for The Island Connection Esther Piazza Doyle, a multi-talented artist who lives full-time on Dewees Island with her husband Jim, uses her art to give much needed money to help the people and animals affected by the fires in Australia. As a big lover of animals both wild and domestic, …

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Dec 21 2021

Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol Experiences Longest Season To Date

By Jane Magioncalda for The Island Connection The Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol (SITP) celebrated a stellar season in 2021. The year began earlier than expected when the first nest in South Carolina was found right here on our beaches on May 5. The fun continued throughout the summer and on Aug. 27, patrol members found …

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Dec 20 2021

Seabrook Island Club Hires New General Manager, Chief Operating Officer

By Seabrook Island Club for The Island Connection Seabrook Island Club has announced Mitchell Laskowitz has officially joined the Club as General Manager and Chief Operating Officer. Laskowitz brings with him more than 25 years of diversified experience in hospitality and private club management. He recently held the position of Head of National Golf Operations …

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Dec 17 2021

Sea Islands Hunger Awareness Foundation Hunger Awareness Challenge Increased To $125,000

By The Sea Islands Hunger Awareness Foundation for The Island Connection The Sea Islands Hunger Awareness Foundation (SIHAF) has announced that two more donors have offered to match an additional $50,000, increasing efforts to the $125,000 Hunger Awareness Challenge.  It would mean that we would be able to grant more of the funds that our …

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Dec 16 2021

Kiawah Island Town Council Retreat Slated For January

By John Labriola for The Island Connection   I want to announce that the Town Council has set our upcoming planning retreat that will take place in January at the Municipal Center. The community is welcomed and encouraged to attend.  The retreat will be held in three workshops listed below:  1. Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022 – …

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Dec 15 2021

Improvements Slated For Kiawah Island Town Hall Garage

By Theresa Stratford for The Island Connection The Town of Kiawah Island awarded the Town Hall’s garage improvements project to Duke Commercial Construction, LLC in unanimous approval at the Dec. 7 Town Council meeting. The request for proposals was announced in early Nov. with a deadline for submission by Nov. 24. The scope of work …

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Dec 14 2021

No-wake Zone Recommended For Captain Sam’s Inlet

By Theresa Stratford for The Island Connection It was another win for the dolphins at the Dec. 7 Kiawah Island Town Council Meeting. Town Council unanimously supported a recommendation by Lauren Rust, executive director for the Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network, for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to enforce a no-wake zone through …

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Dec 09 2021

Biologists Make Headway On Flounder Stocking Program

By South Carolina Department of Natural Resources for Island Connection In May 2021, lawmakers funded the development of a program to stock young flounder into state waterways. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) biologists are now making headway on the project, with facility renovation plans, genetic sequencing, adult fish collection and visits to flounder-growing …

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Dec 08 2021

Needlepoint, A Resurging Holiday Handicraft

By Sharon Antonacio for The Island Connection I was 37 years old when I first started to needlepoint. A friend that was a mentor and golf friend taught me while we were traveling south together for a girls getaway. Little did I know then how much this craft would enrich my life. From that moment …

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Dec 07 2021

A Longstanding Seabrook Island Holiday Tradition In Progress

By Theresa Stratford for The Island Connection  For more than 20 years, the Town of Seabrook Island has supported the holiday charity called the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. This annual tradition for the town was spearheaded in the early 2000s by former Town Councilmember Bob Ferguson and former Town Administrator Randy Pierce – both …

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