Sep 17 2009

Op-Ed: Letter to Kiawah and Seabrook residents

Kayakers at Captain Sams Spit

Kayakers at Captain Sams Spit

Dear Kiawah and Seabrook residents:

The image of Kiawah would be affected by the development of Captain Sam’s Spit. Kiawah is considered to be a place where homeowners have a true sense of the unspoiled beauty of their island. By allowing the development of Captain Sam’s Spit, that rare attribute would be permanently marred and the result would have a negative impact on property value. Taken as a whole, this development would be an eyesore.

Any edifice is going to soar above the meager vegetation, making the Spit look more like Miami Beach than Kiawah.

Now is the time to fish or cut bait. We (Friends of the Kiawah River) need some money to pay our lawyers who have presented our case for preserving the Spit. Having sat through the bulk of the case some five days, I felt very good about the presentation by our two lawyers. However, the judge rules this case will go to the Supreme Court. The developers hope and pray that we won’t have the funds to participate.

It was brought out in court that Kiawah Development Partners had a fifty (yes, fifty) million dollar mortgage on the Spit. They are going to be present at the Supreme Court.

By doing nothing, you support the development. Your donation to the cause could preserve the look of Kiawah forever.

Sidi Limehouse, President of the Friends of the Kiawah River

For more information or to make a donation, please visit

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    • Alex Broome on September 18, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    Can you tell us how much the expected fees will be for the lawyers for this phase of the battle?

    If the KDP has a $50,000,000 mortgage on that sand bar it’s because there is (yet another) really stupid bank out there. What is the actual assessment on the land? (And why do we have to spend so much to give KDP some common sense???)

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