Jan 08 2019

New Year

By Barbara Radin Fox for The Island Connection

Well it’s still the holiday season, but now we have the New Year to think about. Many people think of parties, champagne and New Year’s resolutions at this time, so let’s think about the resolutions.

 If you are reading this column, I assume that you have some interest in being as healthy as possible! The New Year is a great time for thinking about starting fresh, especially about anything to do with one’s health. There are so many possibilities for all of us: wanting to feel better by improving our diet, sleep, exercise, getting rid of unwanted addictions such as smoking, drinking, gambling or improving relationships or a difficult financial situation.

All of these things are worthwhile to consider. Try to focus on what you or your health professional think is causing you the most problems. Do some research on what you need to do and have realistic expectations about how to change your habits. Make a commitment to actually making changes and have a specific plan of exactly what you need to do differently. Realize that change is not easy, but if you think positively that you can do it. Once you make the change, keep thinking of the benefits and if possible, keep track of the benefits. Are you feeling better? If not, maybe you’ll need more time to see the results or maybe you need to do more research to find out what more you can to do.

If you have a comment or question about a health related topic, please contact me at foxb@bodyandsoultherapy.com or 2045 Maybank Hwy, Charleston, SC 29412.

The Seabrook Island Health Professionals Group, which is made up of retired and active health professionals, will meet at 7 p.m. on Jan. 10 at 2896 Baywood Dr., Seabrook Island. All are welcome, even if you have not attended a meeting before.

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