Sep 09 2022

Meet Kiawah Island’s Planning Manager, John Taylor Jr.

By Town of Kiawah Island for The Island Connection

The following Q&A was conducted by the Town of Kiawah Island. 

Q: What brought you to the Town? 

“The Sea Islands is home to me, and I have a personal connection to Kiawah. I’ve always had a desire at some point in my career to do meaningful work in the same place I grew up. The Town provided a unique opportunity for me to accomplish that goal.” 

Q: What are three words that best describe you?

 “The three words that best describe me are: family-oriented, creative, astute.” 

Q: What is your favorite childhood memory? 

“My grandparents had a woodburning stove. Going in the woods with all the men of my family at a young age to haul and split firewood taught me a lot about life. It was hard work, but the stories I could tell will last a lifetime.” 

Q: Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?

 “They have not entirely gone away, but I’d enjoy seeing more people of my generation style and profile the double-breasted suit jacket. It is such a clean vintage look that deserves a little more spotlight.”

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