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Oct 17 2017

#MakeItUniquelyYours Photo Contest Winner Announced

By Kristina Skalak for The Island Connection

Winner Zack Bradley “Sunset on Seabrook Island.”

Congratulations Summer 2017 #MakeItUniquelyYours Photo Contest Winner Zack Bradley with “Sunset on Seabrook Island,” and Runner Ups Jill White with “Crabbing by the Marsh” and Shelley Vasilj with “Pathway to Paradise.” Next photo contest starts Oct. 1 and runs through Dec.31.

Runner up Shelley Vasilj “Pathway to Paradise.”

This is your chance to show how you make Seabrook Island uniquely yours. To enter, upload your photo to one of the following sites.

Runner up Jill White “Crabbing by the Marsh.”

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