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Jun 21 2017

Local Resident, Author Releases First Book

By Gregg Bragg, The Island Connection Staff Writer

Photos courtesy of Jody Mack Photography

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Bonnie Compton ditched Maryland and moved to Seabrook Island 8 years ago. “[My husband, Greg and] I love the island life, the beach, wearing flip flops year round, nature, and the wonderful people we’ve met,” Compton told The Island Connection. She also loves kids, and feels her greatest calling was to be a parent to four and grandmother to three. Acting on these feelings was the fulcrum of her professional life as well.

Mothering with Courage Book - Jody Mack Photography

Compton has enough letters after her name for a bowl of alphabet soup. She spent 30 years as a child and adolescent therapist, and pediatric nurse practitioner.

Counseling kids means talking with their parents, too, and Compton also provided adults with the tools to parent mindfully and ground them in what really matters.

She believes it is possible to make positive changes in any family situation, it’s never too late, and that a lot of the attention should be paid to messaging.

We all receive childhood messages from parents, teachers, siblings, friends, and family. Some are healthy messages, and others are not. And we can take them unconsciously into our adult lives.

Acknowledging them, experiencing the feelings associated with the messages, and then consciously making a choice to change [is one key]. No longer blaming our parents, but taking responsibility for ourselves. And then being conscious about the messages we send to our own children,” says Compton. This is one of the many insights that prompted her to author “Mothering with Courage.”

I opened my mouth 9 years ago and said, ‘I’m going to write a book for moms.’ I believed I was a bad writer (my 11th grade English teacher had confirmed this) and had a fear of writing! However, my message was greater than my fear so 3 years ago I began seriously writing and working with an editor,” says Compton.

She had personal experience to draw on as a child, parent and professional. However, she also notes of over 100,000 parenting books on the market, most of them ask parents to focus on their child’s behavior.

[Many of them] provide unsustainable strategies to fix the behavior. Mothering with Courage focuses on the mom,” says Compton.

What moms often forget, or perhaps don’t even realize, is that at the end of the day they have the answers within. A courageous perspective will enable her to consciously choose what works best. It is only with courage that she can focus on, reflect on, and then let go of what no longer serves her and her family. As a result, the courageous mom feels more confident in her decisions, learns to adjust when necessary, and enjoys her journey as a mom,” advises Compton.

Mothering with Courage is available through Barnes & Noble, and from Amazon. Compton will be signing copies of her book at the Seabrook Shoppe on July 5, 2017 from 12-2 pm. She is also planning a visit to Indigo Books at Freshfields, but as of this writing, a date is still to be determined. Visit for updates.

Asked how cool it was to be an author, Compton told The Island Connection it was surreal. “I always saw myself as a healing practitioner, but not an author. However, as I said, my message was more important than my fear so I wrote…and wrote…and wrote…worked with editors, [and] was grateful to get a publishing contract. It takes 9 months to birth a baby, and it took me 9 years to finally birth this book.”

Compton also said it was scary to put herself “out there” like this, but felt it was both cathartic and insightful. “I was very protective of the book, and although it was healing for me (and I knew it would be for moms), it was scary. I’ve been grateful for the wonderful reviews, but what really matters to me is the positive impact it has already had on moms and their children… that is priceless,” she concluded.

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