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Aug 08 2017

Lindy Carter

By Jennifer Meshanko for The Island Connection

Lindy Carter in the clothing room at OLMCO.

Lindy Carter in the clothing room at OLMCO.

Lindy Carter moved to Johns Island looking for a quieter place to live, but she also found a meaningful way to support her neighbors in need. Lindy grew up in Athens, Georgia. She is a University of Georgia graduate, with a degree in journalism.

Over the last 40 years, I’ve been a journalist and a university fundraiser, concluding with working as a medical science writer at the Medical University of South Carolina,” says Lindy. She is a published author. Lindy’s first novel, “Annaliese From Off” was originally published in 2014. She is currently working on a sequel. Lindy is a mother to three adult children and a grandmother to one grandson.

Lindy’s mother encouraged her to start volunteering in the 1960’s with the Head Start program teaching pre-kindergarten children. “Since then, I’ve volunteered at my children’s schools and parishes where we lived over the years,” says Lindy. She is a member of Holy Spirit Catholic Church, where she heard about Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach. That prompted her to visit the organization to get more information about the extensive services and programs OLMCO provides. Her primary volunteer role is a Spanish interpreter with the Wellness Center’s women’s health and prenatal care services.

These services are provided to residents who lack access to insurance and the means to pay.

Lindy explains, “Since the Wellness Center is about ensuring good health for women and their babies, I find contributing to that very meaningful. Also, since our OB patients come for several visits, I get to know them and I enjoy that.”

Lindy believes encouragement and support can have a positive impact in another person’s life. Lindy shares three reasons community members should get involved. First of all, OLMCO is a very well-run organization that does a good job orientating volunteers and communication with them. You can volunteer in so many ways: in the clothing room, the food pantry, the after-school program, and the Wellness Center. Second, you’ll get to know your Johns Island neighbors whose lives are so very different from yours, and they can teach you so much. Third, be sure to support OLMCO with your financial contribution. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference in your neighbors’ lives.

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