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Oct 12 2020

Letter To The Editor: We Need Better Beach Access

Dear Editor,

The beach is one of the most important attractions and amenities of Seabrook Island. The board of directors of the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association recently decided to remove the stairs to the beach at Seabrook’s beach walk 8. Though frequently and safely used until SIPOA blocked off the top of the stairs, the SIPOA board decided the stairs must be removed due to “compelling safety reasons.”

With the elimination of these stairs, in the past six years, SIPOA has reduced the number of beach access points from 10 to eight. Previously, there was a beach walk between the current beach walks 5 and 6. Meanwhile, the number of homes and visitors on Seabrook continues to increase.

Reduction of beach access points shifts foot and vehicle traffic to the remaining eight beach walks on Seabrook. Parking at these access points already is insufficient. This has created the unsightly and potentially dangerous situation of numerous cars parked on the grass surrounding beach walk entrances. Reduced beach access and crowded parking at beach access points impacts quality of life and property values.

A new staircase should be built to the beach near the site of the old beach walk 8. If warranted, the staircase can have gates installed at the top or bottom of the steps, with signage cautioning that the stairs should not be used when tides or sand conditions impede access.

Please join me in signing this online petition to strongly urge the SIPOA board of directors to build a new staircase to the beach near the site of the former beach walk 8:


Carrie Wick

 Seabrook Island

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