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Mar 06 2013

Letter To The Editor: Greenway

Dear Editor,

For years developers and others promoting a four lane highway through the forests and farms of Johns Island have used the code words “safer roads ” to promote their agenda of building the oddly named “Greenway.”

In the January Seabrook Island Town Council meeting Councilman Sam Reed reported he heard the PGA announced they would not bring any more tournaments to the area unless there were “safer roads.”

That might be convincing enough to sway some County Council members to favor the Greenway if only it was true.  Make up your own mind about the veracity of such a statement after considering the words of Mr. Kerry Haigh, PGA spokesman and Chief Championship Officer, ” I would again like to reiterate that we have no intention and absolutely no desire to dictate, mandate or request any potential venue to change their infrastructure simply to accommodate an event.  If it is the desire of the people within a community to support or make any changes then it is solely their choice.”

Harry Polychron

Long Bend Drive

Seabrook Island

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    • Bev Robinson on August 6, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    oh great. lets just concrete all the islands and get it done with. Maybe God will create more! After all, we wouldn’t want the PGA to drive safely. Or be inconvenienced at all.

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