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Oct 03 2013

Letter To The Editor: First Class Education

Dear Editor,

I am a Kiawah Island resident and the chairperson of Haut Gap Advanced Studies and Middle School Improvement Council. I am aware of the anonymous donor who gave “more than a dozen students” scholarships to Charleston Collegiate School. In your article reporting this donation, you stated that “the funds will help increase the accessibility of a first class education on Johns Island.” Are you aware that this statement implies that the Charleston County Schools on Johns Island do NOT provide a first class educational opportunity?  Have you or anyone on your staff ever been to one of the Johns Island schools?  Have you ever read data reporting student test scores from the island schools?  I am certain of one thing–Haut Gap Middle  provides as good an education as any other school in the entire Charleston County, including private schools.  Please be careful when using this type of wording. You are making a lot of public school teachers and administrators look inferior to private educators. I don’t think that is the case.

Frances Boyd

Greensward Rd.

Kiawah Island

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