Jul 09 2021

Letter To The Editor: Emily Claire

In accordance with the Bill of Rights and 2nd Amendment, I support our constitutional right and privilege to bear arms. However, if you are incapable of safely using a firearm, you should not own a gun. Just as if you are blind, you cannot get a driver’s license, and if you are a convicted felon, you cannot vote. Former Congressman Joe Cunningham recently shared his three step plan to reduce gun violence in South Carolina, focusing on closing the Charleston Loophole (i.e., completing a gun sale after 72 hours, regardless of a background check), expanding background checks, and funding a “Statewide Violence Prevention Plan.” As a community member of Seabrook Island and Johns Island, I understand the importance of protecting our gun rights. However, I also worry about firearms ending up in the wrong hands. 

This year, 453 South Carolinians died due to gun violence. Gun rights are a privilege, and we need to treat them as such, meaning that we protect our rights, but we also prevent individuals from misusing the privilege. We can find a way to protect our rights while also maintaining safety in our state. 

Former Congressman Joe Cunningham has found a way and has emphasized that no law-abiding citizens will lose access to their guns as a result of his plan. By voting for him in our next gubernatorial election, we can keep guns in the right hands. 

Emily Claire 

Seabrook Island

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