Sep 01 2022

Letter To The Editor: Andell Bluff

Dear Mayor Gregg, 

It appears that there are a growing number of Town of Seabrook Island residents who have become alarmed about the above-referenced “Andell Bluff” annexation proposal. You are aware that I have served the town with a Freedom of Information Act request pursuant to South Carolina law, to allow my inspection and review of town documents related to the town’s development and annexation planning and discussions with the putative “Andell Bluff” developer. Residents who have heard about this matter are concerned due to likely increasing traffic and utility burdens, unexplored environmental impacts and additional amenities overcrowding in the event the parcel is rezoned and “improved” with any density of hotel and residential construction. You wrote to me asking me to defer making a town council presentation on “…the expected request for annexation (your words) of “Andell Bluff.” In your opinion, I should wait until the council and planning commission have the formal proposal. The town government and its professional employees have demonstrably been involved with review of development and annexation proposals for this parcel, whether informal or otherwise (March, 2019- town “Strategic Priorities”, November, 2021 Ways and Means meeting, in pertinent part), and I do not believe that town residents want to be met with a fait accompli when this matter “officially” reaches the Town Council let alone when it goes to the Planning Commission. I certainly don’t. I am asking our Town of Seabrook Island government officials to be transparent about discussions with the developer hence my FOIA request. I am asking you, the council and town professionals to engage the community in advance of a formal proposal being presented. 

Please let us know what you, the town council and our town professionals know about this development and annexation proposal. I am available to listen anytime. 

Thanks for your time and attention to this matter. 

Ted Flerlage 

Seabrook Island

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