Sep 19 2014

Letter To The Editor: True Customer Service

Some stores advertise their commitment to customer service. George, Brendon and April—three employees at the Staples store in the South Windermere shopping center on James Island—embody it.

Over the last 10 years as one of the volunteer coordinators at Mt. Zion Elementary School, I have had the privilege of using the generous donations from Kiawah, Seabrook and Johns Islanders to purchase needed school supplies for this small, Title I school on Johns Island.

Staples is one of the stores I frequent, not just because of their prices, but because their employees go out of their way to be of assistance.

I don’t know how many times since the beginning of August I have asked George, Brendon or April, “Do you have any more of these [school supplies] anywhere in the store?” Each time they have scoured their storage areas trying to locate the items I have requested—always with a smile and a “Let me see what I can do.” If I ask for help locating a particular item, they show me where it is located, rather than telling me where to find it.

I encourage anyone who is in need of the items sold by Staples to visit the James Island store. I’m sure you will receive the same excellent customer service I have.

Wendy Kulick

Marsh Edge Lane

Kiawah Island

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