Nov 18 2017

Letter To The Editor: Charleston Deserves National Cemetery

Dear Editor,

We are blessed to have three National Cemeteries in South Carolina: Beaufort (est.1863), Florence (est. 1865) and Fort Jackson (Columbia area, est. 2008). It disappoints me that the Charleston area, with its strong military heritage and significant military presence today, does not host a final resting place dedicated to our departed military heroes and eligible family members. From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, from the Spanish American War to the Cold War, from the Korean War to the War on Terror, Charleston and surrounding low country communities have been front and center in providing people who maintain America’s security. In addition to many thousands of active duty military living in the Tri-County area, there are, per 2010 US Census Bureau data, 65,000 veterans in our midst. In light of our area’s significant growth since 2010, that number is no doubt higher now and growing annually. There is no shortage of families that would love to have the remains of their deceased hero honored with burial in a National Cemetery. And I think our veterans deserve to have a Cemetery in the Charleston area that family members and heirs can conveniently visit in perpetuity. I have shared this proposal with Senator Tim Scott. If he receives more support it has a better chance of getting off the ground. It might take a few years to get all of the required government approvals and property set asides, but I believe the effort is worth it. If you agree that our veterans and their family members deserve to have a Charleston area National Cemetery, please send an email to Senator Scott with your thoughts, using the format offered at Thank you!

Mike Schwartz

Mount Pleasant

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