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Aug 10 2018

Leonard Goldberg Releases Second Novel In Series

By Marci Shore for The Island Connection

Sullivan’s Island resident and acclaimed author, Leonard Goldberg.
(Photo by Steve Rosamilia).

The game is afoot once again for Joanna Blalock, the daughter of Sherlock Holmes, in A Study in Treason. The book is the second in the series by Sullivan’s Island’ s own, USA Today best-selling author, Leonard Goldberg.

Goldberg is a native of Charleston, who spent summers on Sullivan’s Island as a boy. He spent most of his career as a physician on the west coast, as a clinical professor and physician at UCLA.

The first in the series, The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes: A Mystery was released in 2017, and first introduced Joanna Blalock, the previously unknown prodigious progeny of the legendary sleuth, Sherlock Holmes.

As in the first novel of the series, Dr. John Watson, Sr. and Watson, Jr., join Blalock in helping solve the mystery. The story is narrated by Dr. John Watson, Jr., who is now married to Blalock.

A secret treaty signed between England and France during the WWII is stolen from the country estate of Lord Halifax, Scotland Yard.

Local authorities hit a wall in finding the missing treaty. With international tensions rising, they ask for the help of Dr. John Watson, Sr., and only reluctantly entrust Ms. Blalock with the details of the missing secret treaty.

With only a five minute window of opportunity when the treaty was left unguarded and with limited access to the outside, there are only handful of possible suspects.

Blalock is unaffected by anyone doubting her abilities.

“I see what everyone else sees, but I think what no one else has thought,” she states with confidence, bordering on smugness. She doesn’t disappoint. Her father would be proud.

Fans of Sherlock Holmes can never get enough of him, and will not be disappointed in reading this mystery, that resurrects his spirit and is done in “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle” style.

A third book in the Daughter of Sherlock Holmes series is already being crafted by Goldberg.

Dr. Goldberg’s series of medical mystery thrillers, featuring nurse Joanna Blalock (who we now learn is an ancestor of the daughter of Sherlock Holmes in modern times), have given him critical acclaim as a USA Today Bestselling novelist and his books have been featured in publications such as People magazine as “page turner of the week.”

If you’re lucky, you may even find him musing on his next novel while ‘afoot’ on the streets of Sullivan’s Island.

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