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Oct 07 2012

Kiawah Town Council – October 2, 2012

Avner Eisenberg is an American vaudeville performer, clown, mime, juggler, and sleight of hand magician.

Second Reading of Ordinance 2012-5

Council approved a second reading of Ordinance 2012-5 for the fixed dock at 64 Ocean Course Drive to be changed to a floating dock.

Fifth Amendment to the Development Agreement

Council approved changes made to the Development Agreement. Language regarding the Town of Kiawah in the agreement has been removed. Councilman VanDerwerker made slight adjustments to the language on page three, in the second paragraph of the agreement. Council unanimously approved the changes.

Appointment of Town Clerk

Petra Reynolds was sworn in as the new Town Clerk of Kiawah. Congratulations, Petra!

Beach Patrol Contract Amendment

Town Administrator Rucker informed Council that the Ways and Means Committee recommended the Beach Patrol contract be renewed after two additional items were added to the contract under the “Scope of Work.” Councilman VenDerwerker noted that under Scope of Work part K, regarding the filling in of unsuitably large holes in the sand, that this would serve a better purpose completed at the end of the day as opposed to the beginning. Council approved the contract as noted.

Coastal Science and Engineering Beach Monitoring Proposal

Councilman VanDerwerker updated Council on the status of beach monitoring. In the past, the beach as primarily been monitored by Town Biologist Jim Jordan and Coastal Science and Engineering. “With the 2006 Beach Renourishment Project, part of the requirement for getting the permit was that a long term study be done to monitor the beach,” VanDerwerker said. “That term is done so we are not required officially to do any monitoring.” Coastal Science and Engineering presented a proposed contract to Jim Jordan for a less intensive study of the entire beach, to be completed yearly for a three year period. “Jim felt this was a good thing,” VanDerwerker commented. The cost of the three-year contract is an estimated $88,698. The Environmental Committee reviewed the proposed budget and approved going forward to present the contract to the Ways and Means Committee, where it was approved there as well. “Not without dissension,” VanDerwerker added.

Mayor Orban expressed hesitancies about approving the contract. “I think the beach is in good shape and I don’t think we have to do this every year.” Despite his concern, Council approved the contract. Mayor Orban voted against.

Kiawah Conservancy Payment Request

The Town of Kiawah budgeted $50,000 towards the Kiawah Conservancy for the purpose of habitat preservation. The Conservancy sent a letter to the Town requesting that the funds be received as soon as possible. Council approved the request.

Adoption of 2012 Beach Management Plan

Councilman VanDerwerker explained that the state of South Carolina requires every coastal municipality to have a Beach Management Plan; the Town thought that they would just be updating the existing plan, but instead, the plan had to be redone and submitted as an official draft. The state requires that the plan be reviewed every five years, with a full renewal every ten years. “I have expectations that it will be approved by the state and it will be another ten years before we have to do it again,” VanDerwerker stated. Council approved the plan and a printed version is available online.

Public Safety

Councilmember Wermuth stated that the Public Safety Committee did not meet in September, as they are going back to quarterly meetings. The next meeting will be on October 16. “We invite all to come and join,” she said.

Arts Council

The Port Authority Band kicked off the next season of Arts Council events. “They were absolutely fantastic,” Councilman Lipuma stated. On Friday, October 12, Avner the Eccentric will be at the Turtle Point Clubhouse. On October 21, PURE theatre will present Time Stands Still. October also marks the start of the Arts Council’s piano bar series. Shows will take place on October 17 and the 24 at the Sandcastle.

Environmental Committee

Councilman VanDerwerker stated that the Environmental Committee did not meet in September. “They were all tired from going over the beach report!” he said. Though the Environmental Committee did not sponsor the beach sweep on September 15, VanDerwerker reported that the event was a huge success. “Bradley Schmoll did a great job and had 27 people come out,” VanDerwerker said. Over 400 pounds of trash were collected.

Town Administrator’s Report

Tumiko Rucker commended Jim Jordan and Aaron Given on the Beach Management Plan update. “It’s a great piece of work,” she commented. “Over 150 pages.”

Rucker also reported that the Town employees would be reviewing annual insurance enrollment on October 3 during a staff meeting. “It’s something the staff looks forward to every year,” she joked. The Town is also completing their annual performance reviews. Instead of the usual tri-fold paper versions, the review is now completed online.

The Town received positive comments regarding the new solid waste system and single stream recycling, as well as a few negative ones. “The cost savings were substantial to the Town so it’s hard to argue with that,” Mayor Orban said.

Another small fire was started last week on the parkway because of a cigarette butt that ignited sweetgrass on the inbound lane. “We have had two fires in the last six months related to the same cause,” Rucker said.

Mayor’s Report

Mayor Orban reminded those in attendance that the filing for Town election would close on October 4. Orban also commented that two island residents, John Barter and Jim Ramich, are running for County School Board. “I’ve been here 15 years and I don’t remember anyone else from the island running for a County office,” he said. “It’s a substantial effort by them, and a substantial cost. I hope you will consider them.”

Citizen’s Comments

Wendy Kulick suggested that Council publish a list of all open spaces on committees for the 2013 year and distribute the list to property owners, so they would be made aware of opportunities to serve on committees with openings or expiring terms. “This is something the County does,” she said. “We should let people know.”

Council Comments

Councilman VanDerwerker thanked Mrs. Kulick for her suggestion, stating that it would be a good idea. He also commented that on September 21, the Army Corp of Engineers published a notice of permit application by Charleston County Parks for beach renourishment at Folly Park. The proposal is to dredge 415,000 cubic yards behind the river to put on the beach and build a 745-foot groin to keep the sand in place. Dr. Tim Kana of Coastal Science and Engineering stated that this project should not cause problems for Kiawah’s beaches.

Councilman Lipuma commented that the St. Johns High School homecoming parade would be on Friday, October 12 at 4 p.m. and warned of traffic issues that would stem from the parade. The school asked Kiawah Island to serve as the Grand Marshal. Because Mayor Orban will be out of town, Councilman Lipuma and Town Administrator Rucker will ride in the parade. “It’s their way of thanking the Town for all of the support we have given the high school over the years,” Lipuma said.

Council will meet again on November 6 at 2 p.m.

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