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Jun 11 2010

Kiawah Town Council – June 1, 2010

2010/2011 Budget passes second reading

Mayor William Wert stated that there were no substantive changes made to the budget since last reading. The Council approved second reading unanimously.

GFOA – CAFR Financial Award

Mayor Wert was happy to announce that the Town, under the guidance of Treasurer Ken Gunnells, received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting (CAFR) from the Government Finance Officers Association.

Ordinance 2010-04: AT&T franchise agreement

Mayor Wert gave a brief summary of AT&T’s request to bring their service to the island, pointing out that in order to get a franchise for cable (a service which AT&T is now offering) the state must be in agreement and all municipalities which the cable company will serve must approve of it. Wert noted that municipalities are allowed to charge a franchise fee for this service, however, the town has not decided how much it will be. The franchise fee number will be available by second reading durin ghte July Town Council meeting. A public hearing will be held on this ordinance at 1:45 p.m. before the 2 p.m. July 6 Council meeting in Town Hall.

Councilman Orban did note that they would not have to dig in order to install the new cable. A representative of the company stated that the cables in place will suffice.

Council approved the first reading unanimously.

Fennel Container to serve island for two more years

Mayor Wert read an amendment to the agreement with Fennel Container Company/Suburban Disposal Services, extending the agreement for Residential Solid Waste Collection until June 30, 2012. Council approved unanimously.

Parkway and Beachwalker Road striping

Councilman Orban stated that they are looking into repainting the old road stripes along the Parkway from the Freshfields entrance to the roundabout and Beachwalker Road with Thermoplastic, which lasts longer than standard striping and shows up more clearly than standard striping. The total quote for the project from Southeastern Thermoplastic came in at $5800. However, since the project did not include the option of rumble strips, Council asked Town Administrator Tumiko Rucker and Code Enforecement Officer Rusty Lameo to get a new quote with rumble strips included. The expenditure is tabled until the new quote is received.

Giving lead to the leash law

Mayor Wert reported that he met with Joe Bunting and Joe Croughwell, and after receiving input from the newly formed dog committee, they are recommending that the leash law still apply to the entire island except between the dates of November 1 – March 15, during which dogs can run free except for in the protected areas on each end of the island.

The Council discussed the recommendation and Wert asked that a caveat be included that dog owners still carry a leash with them at all times and leash their dogs if there are other people in the area who object. Councilman Orban also asked that the ordinance change also include that the off-leash dogs should be under voice control.

“I must say that the group that banned together [to change the ordianance] has done a great job of lobbying,” smiled Mayor Wert. “My email box was inundated; I even got emails from Belgium!”

Council unanimously approved the ordinance changes and first reading will be held during the July 6 Council meeting.

Arts Council

It’s almost the end of the Arts season, and Councilman Charles Lipuma stated that the Piano Bar series went very well and that they are hoping to include them again next year. The last event for the Arts season will be the Zydeco festival at Night Heron Park on June 30.

Public Safety & Roads

Councilman Orban reported that Berkeley Electric is finally making plans to pull new wires on the substation at the roundabout to the front gate. However, Orban asked that they wait until after Labor Day as it will take several trucks and pickups to complete the project. Berkeley Electric will also be running six new conduits from the real estate office to Sora Rail using a boring process as opposed to digging. This project will also be held off until Labor Day, if possible, and will take approximately three months.

“I’m convinced of three things in perpetuity,” laughed Mayor Wert,” death, taxes and boring.”

Mayor cautions awareness during hurricane season

Mayor Wert reminded everyone that meteorologists are predicting a very active hurricane season this year. “Frankly, our time is coming due,” said Wert. “We’ve skated by these past ten years and the law of averages says we’ll get hit.”

Wert also brought up the oil spill and the predictions that the oil could possibly come around the tip of Florida and effect the east coast. “If this happens and the oil ends up on Kiawah, we have a plan similar to when we had the trawler spill off the coast of Sullivan’s Island. The US Coast Guard will take charge of cleanup and will bill the perpetrator for the cleanup. It should be federally funded and no coast to town.”

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