Jan 14 2022

Kiawah Partners Development Agreement Amendment Introduced At Council

By The Town of Kiawah Island for The Island Connection

The Town has two key development agreements that play a critical role in the long-term development of Kiawah Island. These two development agreements are executed with the island’s two major developers, Kiawah Partners (KP) and the Kiawah Island Golf Resort (KIGR). 

The Town outlined these agreements in the 2019 Development Edition of Town Notes, which can be viewed online. Since the incorporation of the Town of Kiawah Island in 1988, the Town and Kiawah Partners have collaborated on planning and development practices based on a comprehensive process of combining the standards in the Town’s Land Use Planning and Zoning Ordinance and the Town’s Comprehensive Plan resulting in their existing Development Agreement. Since the execution of the original Development Agreement with KP in 1994, there have been two additional significant reviews/assessments by the Town and KP, resulting in the 2005 agreement and 2013 Amended and Restated Development Agreement. Kiawah Partners has made the Town aware that they intend to seek an amendment to the existing Development Agreement to consolidate their multiple parcels between the General Store and KICA office into one parcel to allow for a more comprehensive approach to the future planning of the area. 

A Kiawah Partners representative introduced an overview of their proposed amendments as information only at the Jan. 11 Town Council meeting. The Town took no action at the meeting

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