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Jul 07 2021

July 2021 Artist Of The Month: Debbe Falls Finkelstein

By Seabrook Island Artist Guild for The Island Connection

Now that the Lakehouse has relaxed its COVID-19 restrictions, the Seabrook Island Artist Guild will once again showcase one of the guild’s artist’s works each month. Take a walk down the hall from the lobby towards the library to see the artworks of Debbe Falls Finkelstein. 

Retiring from a career in education and moving to Seabrook Island provided Finkelstein with opportunities to explore more personal interests. Not wasting any time, she began local oil painting classes and joined the Seabrook Island Artist Guild. Finding so much joy in painting she continued developing her artistic skills taking art classes at the College of Charleston and attending artist’s workshops with prominent artist in North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, and Florida. During her artistic adventure she moved from traditional oil painting into experimental abstract art using acrylics and alcohol inks. Wanting to enhance the motion and depth of her ocean and landscape paintings, Finkelstein began layering metallic pigments into clear resin to create a threedimensional effect. Infusing different colors and textures into fluid resin produces the uniqueness of her work. 

Finkelstein most recently embraced creating resin art on a variety of art substrates, sculpted wood and Polycarbonate. She is known to say, “Art always provides a challenge to explore skills and methods.” It is the challenge that keeps her level of expertise flourishing. Exploring types and styles of painting provide endless ways to enjoy creativity. Finkelstein plans to continue enjoying the many facets of painting

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