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Feb 11 2021

Johns Island Zoning Update

By Johns Island Coalition for The Island Connection

Charleston County staff will return to the Planning Commission next month to provide their latest recommendations for the RR-3 and R-4 zoning changes that impact the unincorporated portions of Johns Island and Seabrook Island.

There are two additional points we want to cover:

First, the process to modify the Zoning and Land Development Regulation (ZLDR) ordinance will be a long one. 

Each month, staff presents portions of the ZLDR to be reviewed in a Planning Commission workshop where no votes are taken, but direction is given. Once that portion of the ZLDR has been discussed and revised as needed, they will move on to the next portion of the ZLDR.  Only after all sections have been reviewed will the entire modified ZLDR package come up for a vote before the Planning Commission.

The modified ZLDR will then be sent to County Council, first for a public hearing, then for three readings.  We must be diligent at each step of this process.

Second, we want to update you on your response to Charleston County on this issue.  We had stated in the last email that over 50 emails had been received by the County.  This was only the number of emails published in the Planning Commission meeting minutes.

The actual number, as extracted from the current Planning Commission package and shown below, was over 400!   This is the level of response we will need at each step of the process if we are to ensure the future of Johns Island.

422 letters have been received as of Jan. 21:

• 1 letter in favor of proposed RR-3 changes

• 1 letter in favor of proposed RR-3 and R-4 changes (CTAR)

• 334 letters against the RR-3 and R-4 changes on Johns Island

• 32 letters against zoning changes for property behind Freshfields/ along Kiawah Island Parkway

• 25 letters against zoning/density changes in general

• 8 letters against any changes on Seabrook and Kiawah Islands

 • 7 letters against any zoning changes until infrastructure issues are addressed

• 5 letters calling for more public outreach about the changes

• 4 letters calling for no density increased outside the UGB

• 3 letters calling for no more homes on Johns Island

• 1 letter against tree removal for development

• 1 letter against the proposed mini-golf and larger housing development projects

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