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Mar 18 2010

Johns Island Council meeting – March 4, 2010

Treasurer’s report

Treasurer Sam Brownlee reported that the Council’s balance is $670.31, and as there were no expenses for the month, the total is the same. As the Council representative to CHATS, Brownlee stated that there was nothing new to report from the organization.

Changes to County zoning

Chairman Chris Cannon reported on a couple changes made during a recent County Board of Zoning Appeals meeting. A special exception for a group care home at 4080 River Road, changing the property’s zoning from AG – 8 to Residential, was approved with conditions. A variance request to reduce a 50 foot front/street side setback by 20 to 30 feet along Plantation Lakes drive for the construction of a proposed home was also approved with conditions.

Cannon also attended a public hearing before the Charleston County Planning Commission concerning 2875 Maybank Highway and 1817 Pineland Drive. The owner of these two adjacent properties has requested that they be rezoned from Commercial –Transitional and R-4, respectively, to Community Commercial, which will allow for retail outlets, among other things. “No one spoke out against it at the meeting,” said Cannon, stating that he was going to talk with the neighbors about the issue, but it didn’t seem as though it would be an issue.

New restaurant to replace Hickory Hawg

Cannon reported that the County Board of Zoning Appeals is considering a special exception for a restaurant/bar that serves alcoholic beverages at 2817 Maybank Hwy, the former location of The Hickory Hawg. Cannon pointed out that the old Hickory Hawg sign now reads “new restaurant coming.”

Merge sign on the Stono Bridge

Following discussions during the last Council meeting, Cannon stated that he sent a letter to the SC Department of Transportation, requesting an alternate merge sign at the Johns Island base of the Stono Bridge. “I would sure like to see that [traffic merging at the last minute] stop,” Cannon averred.

As for the legality of the Platt’s Heating sign on the side of Maybank Highway, as discussed during last month’s meeting, Cannon noted that he spoke with County and, if it’s in County lines, it is definitely illegal. Council member Brownlee remarked that it was most likely illegal in the City of Charleston, as well, but he would call Lee Batchelder with the City to be certain.

Report from Wadmalaw Island

Wadmalaw resident Gary Marino reported that Wadmalaw has been “quiet as a church mouse,” so there was nothing new to report.

Transportation Committee

Council member Rich Thomas, head of the Transportation Committee, reported that the comments collected by the LPA group on the Cross Island Road have come back and are listed on the Charleston County Roadwise website. To go directly to the comments, visit:

Thomas also asked Council member Alan Burnaford, representative for Kiawah Island, if the Town of Kiawah would sign a letter to the Charleston County Sheriff’s Department requesting more police coverage of the Johns Island roads. Burnaford requested that Thomas send him a draft so that he could run it by the Council, and he agreed to send a copy to him as well as to Seabrook. Seabrook mayor Bill Holtz previously signed a letter with the Johns Island Council, supporting increased police patrols on the island.

Council elections approaching

Lastly, Chairman Cannon stated that he will be advertising the May annual meeting as much as possible, as the Johns Island Council will be holding its elections during the meeting. He also noted that, with the approval of the Council, he would begin contacting County Council candidates for districts 8 and 9 to speak at the Council meetings. Vice Chair Rich Jenkins agreed, as did Burnaford.

“I would like to see us have some formal candidates, as this is a year to have representation on Johns Island,” said Council member Brownlee.

The Johns Island Council meets on the first Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. at Berkeley County Electric Co-Op, located at 3351 Maybank Highway. For more information, call Chairman Chris Cannon at 343-5113.

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