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Feb 19 2010

Johns Island Council meeting – February 4, 2010

Parris Williams, candidate for Charleston County Council, District 8

Parris Williams, James Island Councilman, Chair of the James Island Public Works Committee and fifth generation James Islander, announced during the Johns Island Council meeting that he will be running for Curtis Inabinett’s seat on Charleston County Council.

“My great, great grandfather came onto James Island as a freeman and a sharecropper who worked for himself,” said Williams. In 1898, his ancestor purchased 100 acres from the Grimball family and his family lives on the land to this day. “From being on Public Works and working with the County, state and Department of Transportation, I feel I have good connections and should be able to represent the whole area,” said Williams. “I will stand up for the small communities. James Island still exists because we continued to fight. We have the right to self-govern.”

When asked what the main problems are that Williams would like to address as a Council member, Williams stated that, “If you have a problem, I’ll be that voice. Each individual area has their own problems, so I can’t say ‘I’ll do all this and I’ll do all that.’ James Island is different from Johns Island and so forth. I’ll fight for your problem.” His stance was similar on the I-526 extension. “We had a resolution to stop it,” said Williams. “If that’s what the people want, we’ll stop it. The majority rules. If you want it stopped, we’ll stop it.”

Census Bureau looking for employees

Gene Danielson of Seabrook Island, who is working with the Census Bureau, stated to the Council that the Bureau is looking for canvasers to help with the areas of Kiawah, Seabrook, Johns Island, Meggett and Wadmalaw Island. “Much of the training is done here on the island,” said Danielson. The job lasts for three to four months and includes paid training. Danielson also stated that if potential candidates aren’t interested in canvassing, the Bureau is also looking for people to do data entry and help in the office. Pay is $14/hour for door-to-door canvassing (with $.50 per mile fuel compensation) and in-office work ranges between $10 and $14/hour. “None of it is what I would call ‘stress’,” said Danielson. “But they won’t take any slackers.” Hours tend to be in the early evening and weekends in order to catch the 9-5 crowd, and Census workers can work between 20 and 40 hours. Recruiting ends on the last day of February. For more info, visit or call 1-866-861-2010.

Chisolm Road update

Chairman Chris Cannon reported that Canal Land and Timber Company is attempting to have the Town of Hollywood annex their 118 acres on Chisolm road so that they can develop it in a way not currently permitted by its current zoning. Cannon stated that their lawyer asked for a deferral on the decision. “It’s the same thing they’ve been doing for three years now,” said Cannon. Council member Sam Brownlee stated that the issue will probably not come back up until March, as the developers are still working on a “wrinkle”.

Commercial zoning request at Pineland and Maybank

The owner of 2875 Maybank Highway and 1817 Pineland Drive has requested that the properties, which are currently zoned Commercial-Transitional and R-4, respectively, be rezoned as Community Commercial, which will allow for retail outlets, among other things. Cannon noted that the property next to it is currently zoned community commercial, so he initially thought that there shouldn’t be a problem. “The lot immediately behind it, however, is residential,” said Cannon. So before supporting the rezoning, Cannon stated that he will go to the neighborhood and knock on some doors to see if the neighbors have a problem with the zoning change. “If they don’t have a problem with it, we’ll leave it alone,” said Cannon. “But if they aren’t in favor of it, I would be against the rezoning.”

Changing PUD for St. Johns Water Company

St. Johns Water Company has requested that the PUD (Planned Unit Development) where their office is located – 3352 & 3360 Maybank Highway – be changed to allow for more office space. Councilman Brownlee stated that they held a public hearing on the issue and no one seemed to have a problem with the change.

The merging sign saga

Lastly, Chairman Cannon stated that he will be sending a written request for an alternate merge sign in the next couple of days to SC DOT. He had previously been told that alternate merge signs were only for two roads merging, but on noticing an alternate merge sign on Harborview Road for two lanes merging, he’s renewed his pursuit to have an alternate merge sign placed at the base of the Stono bridge before entering Johns Island.

An illegal sign?

Greg Hollingsworth of Wadmalaw Island stated that he is looking into the legality of the Platt Heating sign located on the side of Maybank Highway. Council member Henry Chavis asserted that the only way it could be legal would be if it was removed manually at the end of every day. Cannon stated that he would look into the legality of the sign and would discuss it at the next Council meeting.

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    • PRUDENCE on February 20, 2010 at 2:04 am

    Would that be Reverend Parrish Williams? The minister without a church? Or has he acquired one?

    The Town of James Island is a bogus town and it is hard to imagine what he has to offer as a county councilman. The town really has no public works department, no police department, no fire department, no advocate for the elderly, no sanitation department…if fact you would be hard pressed to find many things the town does have after all these years under the purview of Mr. William and his cronies…As far as I can determine, he has very little in the way of qualifications to serve the broader spectrum of issues that come before County Council…

    Next thing you know Mr. Williams will be promising change we can depend on…..

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