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Sep 17 2010

Johns Island Council – September 2, 2010

There was no quorum, but those in attendance discussed a few matters of importance to Johns Island.

Financial report

Council member Sam Brownlee reported that, after paying e$76 for the Council’s post office box , the balance for the Council stands at $565.31.

Rezoning request for 3030 Maybank Highway: R-4 to commercial transitional

Chairman Chris Cannon reported that, during the City Planning Commission this past month, the purchasers of 3030 Maybank Highway will have to resubmit for a zoning change with a PUD (Planned Unit Development plan) in order to consider the change. The owners agreed and the request for rezoning was withdrawn until the PUD could be submitted. “All that is, is just laying out on paper exactly what they want so it makes sense,” said Council member Brownlee, “so it turned out pretty good for the Jackson family.”

Freshfields request to allow for electric vehicle charging stations

Cannon also noted that Freshfields Village’s request to install electric vehicle charging stations around Freshfields Village and Bohicket Marina went through Charleston County Planning without a problem and expects it to be passed by County Council during their next meeting.

End of the Greenway?

The discussion of the potential Sea Islands Greenway, said Cannon, is pretty much over for the time being as it was turned down by County Council during their last meeting. He also pointed out the upcoming meetings on 526 which were held from August 31 to September 9. “There’s a lot of discussion about what’s going on,” said Cannon.

County County debates: Districts 116 and 119

Chairman Cannon announced that he is hoping to have a debate between the two candidates for County Council District 116 and the two candidates for County Council District 119 during the October 7 meeting. “I was really pleased in May with the turnout on the debates for the primaries,” said Cannon. “I will try to get the word out, but it [the County Council debates] will probably be for our October 7 meeting.”

The next Johns Island Council meeting will be held on Thursday, October 7, at 7 p.m. in the Berkeley Electric Co-Op building, located at 3351 Maybank Highway. Council meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month.

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